Who is behind the boycotts and why?

There is a systematic plan afoott to destabilize the country through economic boycotts and hijacking of schools and universities under the nebulous intent of: justice. False narrative is prevalent, because for the past twenty years we have been caught up in a vicious circle of pseudo “education” babble that promotes political activism among our youth; rather than truth and knowledge. Social media and technology has unleashed a quagmire of warped “news” that our youth feed on. It does not stop there. The proliferation of labeling like racism, xenophobia, sexism, and every other “ism” we can come up with has stifled free speech in schools and universities across the country. Politicians have crossed the line into activism and disingenuously led us to believe that unless we agree with their ideology we are an “ism” of some sort or other; and not fit to exist on the same planet. Hence the current blatant hatred toward this president, his family, and those who voted for him. Freedom of opinion is protected by the very virtue of being American; but that does not cover a covert and systematic plan by several organizations to include political parties to incite discrimination and bias against a segment of the population and businesses. This is called “forcible suppression of opposition,”: commonly known as “fascism.” Who are the culprits? In a fact finding expedition through the wide world of web, three entities stood out as insidiously inciting boycotts, and decisively targeting businesses they presume are connected to the First Family. They are so bent on destroying the president, his family, and this government, that they do not care who they run over in the process. This is my “A” list of exposed “fascists” in activist clothing.

First on my “A” list is the FaceBook page:@boycottdonaldtrump which goes beyond the decent or political. If it was humorous ala SNL satire I might have even found it amusing; but its vulgarity and viciousness hit an old-time low. The blatant hatred is so deep that I felt like taking a cold shower just to cleanse myself.  The combination of childish euphemisms combined with vile intolerance gave this page and those contributing to it a grotesque “B” movie ambiance. Hatred is propagandized and twisted in a distorted effort at justice, freedom, and tolerance. My father was right: one can’t help being stupid but ignorance is self inflicted. This page is the poster child for ignorance. Under a Facts and Plan link is a list of businesses owned by the president’s brand or his family. What these pinheads fail to understand is that these businesses employ thousands of Americans eager to make a decent wage and living to raise their families. How just is that? Don’t Americans deserve to go to work without fear that they may lose their jobs because somebody hates their employer? Can you imagine if a website had targeted our former president and his family? Can you imagine the uproar? It would have been justified because no one has the right to ruin a person’s life no matter who they are; and no American should be targeted because of ideology or political affiliation. But I digress.

Second on my “A” list is the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. This website comes with the wonderful image of a red fist reminiscent of fascist Italy.  Charming. Remember, the “fascist” label given to the president and his supporters by these tolerant folk? The ones who bleed for the downtrodden? This website is more insidious than the first because the DCAT is a partisan artery that feeds directly to the Democratic Party. The party that seems to have been hijacked by far left loons. This is not the JFK or FDR party any longer. Democrats have allowed their party to be dragged downstream through the pond scum of hateful rhetoric that hurts America and Americans. It is easy to decipher how the party has gone south. The DCAT are not nice people. They intimidate. They do not even attempt to hide the fact that their prime directive is to destroy legitimate businesses presumably connected to the president’s family brand. Businesses that by the way employ their constituents.  It is like giving the “birdie” to their voters. And yet they call themselves democratic. An oxymoron. Reminds me of East Germany during the Cold War; calling itself the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Of course just like our friends in DCAT, they too were bent on refuting anyone’s opinion, ideas, speech, and vote; except their own. How did that work out? The website calls out the president and his “allies” for “hateful rhetoric and regressive policies.” Really? This is fascism disguised as a boycott; “Search through over 250 companies and people to see how they’re directly connected to Trump. Make Trump and his allies pay, literally, for their hateful rhetoric and regressive policies. Use consumer action to take a stand for what’s right!” Translation: they are willing to put 250 companies and their employees out of business because they hate “hateful rhetoric and regressive policies.” Almost laughable; but not to those employed by these businesses. Who do you think works in those companies DCAT? These are the people you vowed to protect in your constituencies. They are Americans like you and I. Yet you find obliterating businesses okay because you do not like the guy? And he has “hateful rhetoric”? He is regressing politics? Are you kidding us? What rock do you live under? You remain nameless while willing to attack companies like Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Gucci, and MillerCoors.  Now that is deplorable. But everything is fair when it comes to your side of ideology.

Third on my “A” list is the kooky #Grabyourwallet. These morons have lists of companies and businesses they are intimidating into refusing to do business with the president and his family.  Grabyourwallet has listed businesses like Amazon because they have “affiliations” with the president’s brand. Really! Probably my Laundromat has affiliations with the president’s brand. Have you heard about a global financial economy #grabyourwallet? Every major business  and company in the world is in some way or other affiliated with a dominant brand through the economic process. The irony: this particular “boycott” closely resembles the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in 1933. Subsequent events resulted in boycotting hiring of Jewish professionals like university professors and educators.  Sounds familiar? Currently our universities hire liberal versus conservative or mainstream professors on an approximate ratio of ten to one. According to American Thinker (Study: Liberal-to-Conservative faculty ratio in academia will blow your mind. Pete Vanderzwet, February 11, 2017); “So dominant is leftist ideology that in university departments in nearly all states, an average ratio of 10:1 exists among faculty who identify as liberal versus conservative. When exploring the makeup of Ivy League institutions and universities in New England, results, such as the case with Brown’s University, were as high as 60:1 in favor of registered Democrats among professors.”  It would be great if the educators had enough ethics to keep their bias to themselves, but, the study also mentioned open hostility toward conservative faculty and students that inadvertently stifled diversity and critical thinking. Those with opposing views to the “majority” are faced with discrimination in grading and often have to hide their political views in fear of retaliation and in some cases: personal safety.  Remember the Berkley riots? I rest my case. The perpetrators? The tolerable; the pseudo “freedom” fighters that crush any diverse ideology but their own; resorting to blackmail and extortion of honest businesses because they feel cheated of an election. How third world! How banana republic! How pathetic!

Boycotts are nothing new and historically they do not work because consumers will eventually buy the brand they want and most of these large businesses will recover. But who is pulling the strings on these movements and why? Theories abound, but the current obsession with destroying an administration is real; and dangerous. When doing my research I was not prepared to find a political party advocating boycotting businesses and harming constituents. That is beyond politics. That is direct intimidation by a political party with voting powers in Congress and Senate targeting businesses toward economic hardship. That is beyond unethical; it is beyond wrong; it is evil. These individuals are using their political power and money to fund anti-government movements in an attempt to destabilize the country and the presidency. That is almost treason. Over the top analysis? I don’t think so. Call it conspiracy theory if you will; but all revolutions were incited by the few who had the money and the means to tell the many that they should blame their miserable lives on someone else. The French, the Russian, and the Cuban revolutions toppled governments but none fared too well because when the dust settled, the people figured that maybe they did not have it too bad after all. Ask the Iranians! I am not condoning dictatorships, and I am not singling out those with a liberal point of view; but I am pointing the finger at those who are inciting Americans to hate and hurt other Americans in the name of justice. Every American should be against it. I also believe that we have the right to criticize our government and our president, but we do not have the right to harm their personal lives and that of their families. They are protected by the same freedoms that protect us. Right now, those who do not share the same ideology or are as loud as the loony left are intimidated and bullied out of free speech and freedom of choice at the voting booth. That is not only un-American it is anarchy. These are tactics that the KKK were famous for: intimidation and destruction. They too were adamant about their cause. Is @boycottdonaldtrump, DCAT, or #grabyourwallet any better? As Americans we have the right to criticize and exercise our  freedom of speech; but we must also allow other Americans to enjoy the same privileges without fear of intimidation and bullying. You do not have to love your president, but you should love your country enough not to destroy it.