2020 election; Send in the clowns

Is it that time again? The presidential election time? The circus-like exercise in futility for many, and agonizing irritation for the rest of us? It seems like only yesterday when we went through the Hillary emails, Bernie’s rants, and Trump’s thumps. But here we are again, in desperation and mental anguish watching a bunch of self absorbed yahoos attempt to convince us that they are going to save us from whatever they think we need saving from.  A collection of political hacks and character misfits working their way through our lives.  We are supposed to decide and choose one of these pinheads, who on a good day I would ignore,  to lead our country. God please bless America.

Folks, the choice pickins are very slim. In the old days, character and moral fiber defined leadership.  We sought people who were reasonably intelligent, polite, and singularly and hopefully better than us.  We were looking for politicians that gave us the confidence that they will take care of us.  We never questioned their personal lives because deep inside we knew that they were probably flawed, but at the same time we expected and demanded behavior that instilled trust.  Rhetoric was left to polite political debate.  There was no name calling, no attacks on families, no hateful intentions; at least that we could see.  Campaigns were fraught with patriotic red, white, and blue promises that most likely would not be kept, but deep inside we still hoped they would.  All in all, campaigning was hard and loud, but never vulgar, or on a thug level.

I am dreading 2020 and the election year we are about to suffer through.  If you thought that 2016 was bad, hold on to your corsets because it’s going to be a bumpy ride.  Every crazy on the left has thrown the hat and a portion of their brain into the ring.  The Democratic contenders are now approaching two dozen.  Except for Joe Biden, I do not even remotely attempt to label and package the rest of the Democratic ticket.  They are crazy socialist leftists, bent on  convincing us that socialist America would be grand.  The “free for all” crowd who want our money to give it to someone else.  Yes,  free education. Now I ask, why would I want to pay for someone else’s education, especially the way universities and colleges operate these days?  They offer subjects that are as useless as basket weaving.  I am always suspicious when someone tells me that they have a graduate degree in “studies”. My initial urge is to ask: so what have you learned? Catch the drift?  We have grads owing six figure loans bussing tables at Starbucks.  Ask any one of them what they studied in.  I doubt you will get science, plumbing, mechanics, or even medicine.  “Women in Africa Studies” is one of my favorites.  That will surely get you a job! So once again, why would I want to pay for some moron’s idea of education?

The country seems to have been hijacked by nut cases.  The bar has been lowered so much that Nancy Pelosi is beginning to make sense, and that is frightening.  The  congresswoman from Queens makes stupid look good.  The “green deal” goddess who predicts the end of the world in 12 years.  Why 12? Why not 10, or 13, or 32? She wants to remove every ounce of fossil fuel in 10 years because the world will be destroyed in 12.  Even if you failed math, the numbers don’t add up.  And by the way, didn’t Al Gore play that card 20 years ago?   I vote in Queens, and the ballot only had her name on it.  Not much choice.  She got elected then turned around and chased Amazon out, together with 25,000 jobs and six figure salaries.  She and the rest of her dolty clueless clique are scientifically, economically, and for sure historically deficient.  But they are popular among the equally inane masses.

Hot from the presses is the other elite intellectual pseudo ethnic idiot, Elizabeth Warren.  Here new soap box tirade is against nurses.  Nurses; the least appreciated and paid.  One has to be a special kind of moron to go after the people who are self less in a thankless career.  I don’t know about you, but nursing never crossed my mind because it is demanding and stressful. Yet thousands of individuals put themselves in debt and through school to follow a vocation in service of others.  They smile and take abuse from doctors, administrators, and patients.  And now a two-bit self-appointed crusader with an identity crises attacks the very individuals who one day will have the misfortune to wipe her ass while she drools in bed.  She accused white nurses of racism because allegedly black people do not heal as fast.  Somewhere inside that brain is a hamster on a wheel.  Hate mongering among the tolerant far left loons.  I can’t laugh about it any longer because it is too painful.  What’s even more painful is watching the equally equipped idiots cheering her on. 

The climate change narrative has now taken a life of its own.  While we are thumped on the head by the dolt in Queens, China remains the worst offender in emissions and just plain disgusting air.  Large cities like Beijing has its citizens walking around with face masks.  How about talking to them into a “green deal”? Car manufacturers in the west are already spending millions on eco friendly technology and reduced emissions.  Some work, while others are just a political ploy. The electric car or hybrid is  a good example of environmental boondoggle that sends a poker up my ass.  The uselessness behind the concept is mind boggling.  The batteries on these vehicles require up to seven hours in charging.  The charging requires electricity. I would assume that environmentalists realize that the energy required to charge these vehicles is substantial and more than a tank of gas. The vehicles cannot be driven on battery alone because they can only go approximately 30 miles on a charge.  The rest of the time they are driven in a hybrid mode which increases horse power and gas guzzling. I know this because I am in the car business. But neither the loony left nor Hollywood pinheads can tell the difference.  The US government is currently dishing  out up to $5,000 in tax incentives to buy hybrids, resulting in  higher electric usage in homes and public charges.  I am sure that this has escaped the “green deal” gurus.

Except for Donald Trump, no  Republican has come forward to run for president.  I don’t know whether it is genius or cowardice. Let’s face it, we have already regurgitated Huckabee, Romney, and Cruz.  Who is left? Who will take a swipe at Trump?  Who wants to take a swipe at Trump? The man can be as irritating as hell.  The incessant tweets and childish comebacks are getting old.  To be fair, his ride has been anything but smooth.  The continual investigations and persecution of his family is not only unprecedented but visceral. It is obvious that it has very little to do with justice but more with the blatant hatred of the man. Tax payers’ money has been thrown in investigations that brought nothing to the table.  If the opposition had spent as much time and money working on health care, labor, and immigration than investigating Trump, they might have something to show for their five months in office. At least under Trump, the economy is thriving, employment is up, and NATO is finally paying its share. I doubt middle America cares much about Trump’s tax returns either.  However, I am sure that they would like to know how members of congress making less than $200,000 a year become the one percenters?  I think we should demand that all members of congress show us their tax returns, because I for one am curious at how a civil servant’s salary can turn you into a multi-millionaire like Nancy Pelosi and the senile socialist Sanders. But I digress. 

I do have a message for Mr. Trump the incumbent. Mr. President, now that Joe Biden has joined the fray, I do not want to hear “sleepy Joe” again.  As a matter of fact I do not want you labeling anyone ever again. It’s annoying as hell.  I don’t want to hear how great you are, look, and feel either.  It is equally a pain in the ass.  I want you to tell me why I should keep you in the White House.  I suggest you spend less time tweeting and watch reruns of Reagan as president instead.  He was true to himself but never disrespectful or brash.  He was likeable because he was a nice person. He also allowed his people to do their job.  He listened to those around him. These are attributes of leadership. He managed to win the Cold War that way. Better still, take a look at Margaret Thatcher.  She kicked ass with aplomb.   What I am trying to tell you is that you can be yourself without being a boorish disturbing version of yourself.  I appreciate you wanting to be genuine but some “genuine” needs to remain under wraps.  Your administration is like a revolving door.  I can’t remember all the names of who have gone in and out of the White House. You had some good people like General Mattis who left you.  That was a big mistake.  He is an exceptional honest and honorable man. Is it possible that there is something wrong with the way you manage and lead?  I suggest you gnaw on that thought for a while. I appreciate your business savvy but the White House is not one of your casinos.   Wizen up or you are fired.

So here is the 2020 election selection in a nutshell.  A Twilight Zone of political zombies.  If by now you are not dreading 2020 you must be either hypnotized, high, or brain dead.  I would love to line them up and slap them respectively and repeatedly with a two by four.  I would love to cause them as much pain as they will be causing me. There is much to say about hibernation.  Maybe I can sleep through the election. I am making a list and checking it twice. Movies, television reruns, books, and plenty of single malt whiskey.  That ought to get me through the election blues.  Wake me up when it’s over!

The imploding Democratic Party


Poor Joe Biden.  Another fallen victim to the #MeToo movement. They are out to get another “white privileged” male.   ‘Uncle” Joe is in trouble; even Madam Pelosi warned him to “stop being so touchy-feely”. Mark my words, moderate Democrats are slowly and systematically being replaced by the new loony left.  The new socialist generation who are short on history and long on ignorant rhetoric.  But back to Uncle Joe.  Can anyone imagine JFK or FDR in today’s political “gotcha” climate? The women’s movement would have had a field day with both men.  JFK had a virtual White House revolving door for floozies, and by what I have read, FDR was no better.  I can almost forgive FDR because from what I’ve seen, Eleanor was no  Marylyn Monroe. 

Years ago the American voter seemed to differentiate between the politician and the man.  Ladies we might have come a long way baby but we have also turned into whiny pain in the asses.  For the life of me I cannot understand the dual entitlement that this generation of women demand.  Equality with benefits.  We want to be in a man’s world that suits our gentle sensibilities.  It is beyond annoying.  It is excruciatingly painful to watch.  We demand to be taken seriously but do not have the grit to tell a man to fuck off when he gets stupid.  Women accept male manipulation to get ahead but then cry foul years later.  Hollywood comes to mind. The myriad of actresses who had very little problem with Harvey Weinstein launching them into stardom. Their morality was conveniently put on the back burner of their rising careers.  Their activism dormant in anticipation of a hit movie. Oh, yes the awakening of the Hollywood conscience was alarming.

Now we get into politics and the sudden surge in female values.  The female politician incensed by Joe Biden’s “affections”. What a crock. How are voters to take these females seriously?  Their fragility on demand will only take us so far. They want to become our leaders, even presidents. Somehow I can’t imagine them going against Russia or Iran.  Putin’s bare chest and knowing Cossack smile suddenly comes to mind.

Democrats Amy Lappos and Lucy Flores are supposed to represent the new generation of kick-ass political women. Women who have risen from the ashes of the 60’s women’s movement.  Instead they conveniently wait in the wings until an election is on the horizon. Then they make pathetic allegations against one of their own.  I am no fan of Joe Biden the politician.  He is the bookend to another idiot, Dan Quayle.  He often thinks and speaks through the recesses of his prostate. But he is like that old relative who tells the same joke at every family gathering and gets a laugh because he is harmless.  Joe Biden is a good man. If these two females had an “episode” with him they could have told him to knock it off years ago, and not waited until his name is almost on a ballot.  What exactly do they have against this man? These two fools are supported by no other than the left wing ethnically undecided, Elizabeth Warren.  Remember her? Another genius of the far left who has the gall to go after Joe when she has been the most disingenuous woman on the planet.  This woman feeds on malcontent.  She creates nothing.  She salivates on taking what is mine. She hopes to save the world but only for the chosen few. 

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by lunatics, bigots, socialists, and idiots.  Biden’s spokesman Bill Russo is another gem. He went after the proverbial “right wing trolls”. What a surprise.  Isn’t there a Democrat with some imagination? Why don’t you go after your party’s kooks, Bill?  That irks the crap out of me.  In 1994, Hillary tried to blame her husband’s untimely blow job on a Republican conspiracy.  Right!  Let us blame accusations by two Democrats on “right wing trolls”.  Forrest Gump was correct, stupid is as stupid does.  The Democrats seems to be doing quite well in screwing themselves up without any help from the far right.

The party of Truman, JFK, and FDR is slowly morphing into the party of Fidel Castro.  Serious moderate Democrats are being pushed aside in lieu of fanatical pseudo intellectual socialist morons.  No one is in charge. In the past 10 years, and thanks to Mr. Obama, the Messiah,  the party shifted toward socialist and politically correct agendas rather than sustainability.  Democratic cities are rife in crime, poverty, and greedy entitlements.  Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore come to mind. Held by Democrats for years, they have raised a constituency that thrives on welfare and hopelessness. Some areas have been turned into war zones unprotected by an impotent police force afraid to intercede for fear of repercussions. How these cities keep on voting these clowns in is beyond me.

Democrats support a Women’s Movement run by the three most vicious, vile, and bigoted anti-Semite females in the country. Friends to Farrakhan, another charmer who makes the KKK look like the PTA.  Democrat’s freedom of speech is conveniently evoked only if it is anti-Trump, anti- conservative, anti pro life, anti Christian, and in recent months, anti Israel.  Four months into the biggest win in Congress, the Democrats have managed to accomplish squat. Their agenda has been the Mueller report, hatred for Trump, impeachment of Trump, going after Trump’s family, going after Trump’s assets, indicting Trump,  and for good measure hating Trump one more time.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in the Democratic Party. 

So why are we surprised that poor Uncle Joe is thrown under the bus?  He is dispensable.  He is the proverbial white privileged.  The unclean.  As the insane unfolds before our very eyes,  the opposition should wait quietly in the wings.  Politicians fail to understand that normal Americans have a way of assessing crazy.  The East and West Coast may make the loudest noise, but middle America sits quietly and waits.  It is evident that there is no longer any significant leadership in the Democratic party. I almost feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi. She should call Theresa May for comfort because they are both ineffectual in their respective parties and government. Anarchy and visceral hatred will only be tolerated for so long. Sane Americans can only take so much crap.  Democrats were indirectly responsible for electing Trump in 2016, and if they are not careful, their crazy will elect him again in 2020.