Amash, diversity, education, and Liberal logic; oh my!

Amash in Grand Rapids

The arrogance of some liberal Americans knows no bounds.  What do they say?  Always read the fine print.  This morning while sitting idly reading the Stars and Stripes and sipping on a hot “cup’o’Joe”, I had to learn from Sara Burnett of the Associated Press/National Newswatch that unless we are diverse we are probably not educated.  Well not in those very words but you get the gist.  In my opinion, an unrelated story Ms. Burnett managed to insert her own far left spin on why Kent County, once a strong Republican stronghold might turn Democrat.  Her conclusion: Grand Rapids and its suburbs have new universities and a medical sector, which makes them more diverse, and obviously more educated than the rest of hick America.  Which would explain why they would turn Democrat. What a load of crock!

Ode to diversity and intellectualism.  How we love to weave in and out of diverse racial harmony to arrive at the equitable conclusion of intellectual bliss. Ah yes, the liberal elitist self proclaimed educated and diverse intellectuals wearing colorful varsity sweaters while bussing tables at Starbucks. The ones demanding I pay their university fees.  If education and diversity is the key to intelligence and education, what happened to that idiot from Queens New York? You know, the one who chased Amazon from her district and 25,000 diverse jobs with it?  Most six figure jobs would have gone to African Americans and Hispanics. 

Since Ms. Burnett decided to open that dubious link between diversity and education; I wonder how she would explain the increase in homelessness and disarray in cities like Los Angeles, Baltimore, Detroit, and Chicago? Chicago is a war zone every weekend.  Aren’t these cities diverse or educated enough?  They are all Democrat after all.

This repulsive bigotry against blue collar America started in earnest during the 2016 election by no other than Ms. Hillary Clinton. Remember “deplorable”? The bleeding liberal heart seems to stop beating when it comes to traditional Americans who work and asking for no handouts.  I hate to break the bad news to the diverse educated pinheads, but we need more plumbers, mechanics, house builders, roofers, farmers, and manual laborers to get this country back on its feet.  What we do not need more of is 30 something “educated” unproductive entitled adults living in their parents’ basements.  Maybe, just maybe, if we encouraged more youth to go into good paying profitable trades,  we would have more employed diverse educated individuals than diverse educated graduates looking for work.

I am infuriated at the condescending of traditional Americans by those who profess to love America but obviously hate most Americans.  The intellectuals who spout out crap and live in a dazed world of their own.  They think they have a monopoly on “diversity” and wear that mantra like a badge of honor; a comforting assurance toward political sainthood, while passing bigoted judgment on the rest of us.  They are the champions of righteousness by virtue of partisanship. 

The correlation between diversity and education has never really been explained to me.  By virtue of that logic,  if one happens to live in a one specific ethnic neighborhood regardless of race, Ms. Burnett would take issue and she would conclude that the neighborhood was not diverse or educated.  But that logic is often dismissed because it does not play well in the world of the loony left; and we have become too lazy a society to even challenge it.  We allow CNN, MSNBC, NBC, and even FOX news to tell us the “truth”. And we all know how that works out, don’t we?

I get pissed with disingenuous reporting.  Ms. Burnett’s article should have concentrated on Rep. Justin Amash who left the Republican party and has not made up his mind who he will align with.  He does not like President Trump and wants to impeach him.  The story was reasonably on point until she threw in her spin on Kent County and Grand Rapids.  She had to insert bias bloviating before continuing with the report.  It is true that the district might turn Democrat but not because it is more educated or diverse, it is because Amash has still not made up his mind where he would like to drop his hat; which leaves the door wide open to the Democrats who are running in that district. It also depends on fund raising. Even Brian Stryker, Democratic pollster admitted that the area is up for grabs. But the Sara Burnetts of the mainstream media had to make it racial and personal. And mainstream media wonders why the majority of Americans think they are disingenuous twits.

The continual ignorant and arrogant perception that colleges and universities turn a high school kid into an overnight success has been debunked a long time ago. Mostly because the past ten years saw more unemployed “educated” geniuses moving back in ma and pa’s basements and attics than employed graduates. Elitist idiots still ignore the fact that the most lucrative and successful debt free individuals in the country are currently the manual laborers.  The kids who are going back to trade schools and “making something” of themselves.  Who are getting jobs that pay good money, pay bills, and buy their own property. Plumbers are a commodity and are laughing all the way to the bank.  Have you taken your car to a mechanic lately? Every oil stain and spark plug is a dollar in his account.  Chink chink. Try and get a roofer to do your roof, you might as well sell your first born.  Get the gist.  Getting certification from a vocation school to do hair and nails makes more financial sense than a PHD in Russian mythology.  Can’t make this up.  Been across the desk from these prodigies. Seen useless”degrees” on resumes and applicants attempting to get a job as a bank teller.  Most could not count a strap of twenties, but hey they could have bought a house with the money they owe on a useless degree hanging on their intellectual shingle. A new generation of educated morons.

Why did a small paragraph in a two bit Associate Press article by a “reporter” I had not heard of until this morning, piss me off so much? Because I so genuinely sick and tired of political innuendo and intolerance of traditional Americans.  America is about the dream that can happen.  It is not about money or intellect, but about the pursuit of happiness. Happiness is the ability to support your family without a handout from the government.

Success has never been measured by an overpriced “education” but by creativity, ingenuity, and the strength to work hard and “make it happen”.  Bill Gates never went to college. Success is measured by personal satisfaction and responsibility to self, family, and country.  Young adults should be taught how to be self sufficient and grateful for their opportunities and not strangle them by false hopes that put them on the unemployment line.  There is a difference between education, common sense, and intelligence. One can be lucky to have all three.  But we are currently raising a generation of indebted “educated” young adults sans common sense and questionable intelligence.

This is America.  It was born out of diversity.  Diversity has no boundaries, colors, accents, or races.  Diversity is all of us.  Be diverse, be educated, but most of all be proud to be an American regardless of whether you are an investment banker, roofer, Democrat, or Republican.  If they can take care of themselves, their families, and their communities, then they are past being “educated” because they are intelligent.  So, Ms. Burnett: being a Democrat and diverse does not qualify you as “educated”.  I suggest you take time to better “educate” yourself in diversity before inserting inane opinions in your article.  And by the way: Amash is also thinking of running as a Libertarian.  By the time he makes his mind up the election will be over and at the rate he is going, he might announce that he is Amish.

Who is responsible? The truth behind mass shootings

El Paso, Texas

I am sure that I will be pissing off many people, but I am sick of the political rhetoric and finger pointing after every mass shooting.  I am sick of race baiters and haters who turn a tragedy into an excuse to score political points.  And I am sick of listening to all mainstream media and cable news trying to justify their spin on partisan loyalty. Hardly has a shooter been caught or killed when the media, without any substantiated information start their own airwave bloviating in aid of partisanship. It is sickening. 

Discrepancy in reporting to fit political narratives turns on the volume on a division that has become dangerous to all Americans. The two mass murders were perpetrated by two nut cases.  Nobody can dispute that.  Although more emphasis has been put on who is to blame than the assholes who actually did the killing. Both creeps blamed society for their warped brain.  But according to law enforcement, not both seemed to have been racially motivated. However, both managed to cause havoc within 24 hours of each other.  Coincidence? I doubt we will ever know. But there is one thing that cannot be explained, and that is the relative silence on Dayton’s perp.  Why? 

Amid the political finger pointing and race baiting crap is a shred of truthful analysis by no other than The Washington Post.  It is refreshing. An August 4th in depth article by Marc Fisher strips every layer of unfounded media spin.  Fisher, with the help of researchers on terrorism, explained the phenomenon of these and other mass shootings.  The “lone-wolf” shooters, as they are referred to.  Inspired by everyone and no one, by everything and nothing.  While mass media hysteria points fingers at video games, the president, guns, and a surge in racism, the truth is that nutcases take it upon themselves to see the world through their own crazy notions of utopia.

Contrary to the pseudo analysts and commentators on major news networks and cable, they generally do not belong to any organized group.  They might share the views of a specific group but act alone. They assimilate with an ideology but act on their own volition.  Most are being “recruited” ideologically through the internet.  The hateful indoctrination is on both sides of the fence.  Visceral left wing and right wing hatred gives lone-wolves a platform that they otherwise would not have.  It is home grown terrorism on the same level and platform as the recruitment by ISIS and Hamas.  Very convincing and alluring.  Add mental illness, dysfunctional families, poverty, and depression, and the recipe for home grown terrorism is born.

2017 Supremacists march in Charlottesville

The “replacement” syndrome among white supremacists and far left anti-Semites is not new and has very little to do with Trump’s inane tweets. In 2012, a book entitled “The Great Replacement” by French writer Renaud Camus, argues that the influx of immigrants in Europe are replacing the now “minority” whites.  He found it threatening to Europe’s sovereignty. His mantra was taken on in 2017 by the white supremacists who marched through the University of Virginia in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us”.  It is possible and probably true that Trump’s strong stance on immigration and campaign remarks gave these yahoos a misled courage that they otherwise might not have had to raise the ante on anti-Semitism. Trump made an egregious mistake when he did not denounce them fiercely and resolutely. But then Obama did not really denounce the thugs who rioted in the streets and burnt cities under his watch.  But I digress.  Two wrongs do not make a right. For good measure, Camus has publicly denied having anything to do with the El Paso shooting.

But what about Dayton? The media is relatively quiet on Dayton because as far as we know, the murderer did not seem to have a specific motive, and the police (as of this writing) are ruling out racism.  No racism, no news, no pundits, no interest.  The perp had a history of “weird” which like all mass murderers, is not unusual.  Eventually, the police will discover some sordid crazy background that was either overlooked or not reported. Not one is sane one day and crazy the next because two years ago Donald Trump called illegal immigrants rapists. And this is where the disingenuous racism uproar is exposed for what it is; political.

Mass shooting aftermath in Dayton

So far Dayton seems less significant because the racism card cannot be played to its full potential.  However, local politicians, all Democrat, had to bring it up as a point of contention for wanting the President to visit their city; if there is no fire let’s create one. Police found no white supremacist manifesto, no right wing rant, and immigrants were not targeted.  He was a nutcase who managed to acquire a gun and kill his own sister.  According to Marc Fisher, the killer was driven by “personal grievances rather than political ideology”.  Fisher puts everything in perspective; the shooter joins a long list of mass murderers who are being taught online (through video games, and movies) how to “escalate personal beefs into community-shattering events”.  Heard that Hollywood? Still too early to tell.

The same weekend that 29 people died of gunshot wounds, Chicago had 40 shootings.  Three dead.  Chicago has been a den of human misery for years.  Bush did nothing, and Obama did even less. Those shot were neither Hispanics nor immigrants; they were African American in poor neighborhoods. Not a peep, not a wink, not a breathe, not even a sigh for Chicago by CNN, MSNBC, or Fox.  Wonder why?  Where is the race analysis? Where is the gun debate?  Where is the finger pointing? Chicago’s poor black neighborhoods are war zones without relief.  Law enforcement is often reluctant to enter these danger zones.  Fisher calls it “tragically quotidian”. A city that has been run to the ground by policies and politics rife in corruption and promises.  No matter who gets elected as mayor, they are of the same party and dole out the same crap that keeps these poor folk in conditions akin to the Middle East and often more dangerous.  How do the gangs and thugs manage to get guns when Illinois has the strictest gun laws? These aren’t white privileged.  They are blacks killing blacks.  Yet the same politicians who “cry me a river” at the border manage to sleep very well at night about Chicago.  Hypocrisy wrapped in partisan and disingenuous media quagmire.

So who is responsible for the mass murders?  Everyone.  President Trump must be held partly accountable because his inane tweets and bullish rhetoric can be legitimately or illegitimately  misconstrued; he knows it and yet still goes at it.  There are crazies out there Mr. President, and they do not need a nudge and a push to become crazier.  Mr. President, it is your responsibility to make sure that the country is not thrown into a racial divide. You can fix the border with dignity and without unnecessary disparaging tweets or comments about those literally dying to get into the US. Give them the benefit of the doubt that they want a better life rather than destruction of our way of life.  True leadership comes with compassion.  As a New Yorker, it’s about time you took a hard look at the beautiful lady in New York harbor. Then take a long stroll through Ellis Island and use it to inspire you to come up with a humane and viable solution at the  border.  You always boast of how great you are, well, put your money where your mouth is. While you’re at it, start talking seriously about race relations.  It’s no use having a good economy if American families are not safe to shop for school supplies at Wal-Mart.

Responsibility also lies with the main stream media who fuel unnecessary race baiting and hatred.  You are irresponsible and must also be held accountable for unsubstantiated race innuendo to satisfy your egos and ratings.  You are supposed to be impartial.  I can’t stand watching any of you, because the majority of you have turned into disingenuous partisan assholes.  You do not report, you pontificate.  You do not tell the truth, you spin.  You are not fair or balanced because most of your programming and guests are of the same political persuasion. You cannot be impartial when you donate to political parties.  You cannot be trusted when most of what you “report” is founded in hearsay.  You wallow in disasters because they give you an ego centric platform.  You have made a mockery of the First Amendment. You have contributed to the division of a nation that has survived internal and external wars but always stood firm under one flag and one God.  You managed to disgrace both. 

Politicians on both side of the house are equally responsible for the racial divide.  The “white privilege” mantra is an obscenity perpetrated by white politicians to buy votes. It is patronizing.  While one party wallows in anti-Semitism, race baiting, and bigotry; the other is afraid to speak out against their party’s leadership. Both parties hold the American public hostage to political zeal for no other reason but to further their own partisan agenda.   Sick of both.

I will not lose hope in America. Every generation has gone through a period of immigration anxiety and bigotry. From the mid-19th century anti-Irish Catholic riots by Protestants in Philadelphia, to the massacres of Chinese immigrants in 1871.  It is born out of fear.  A fear often fueled by politicians who reject violence but still adopt the “anti-other” rhetoric.  Sounds familiar? Four new congresswomen and our President come to mind.

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