Are we less tolerant as we grow older?

If patience is a virtue than I am doomed. Growing up in a large family I always wondered how my parents kept their cool and sanity because as kids we could be vicious. We seemed to enjoy irking and irritating each other which was easy to do when nine people lived in the same house. When I became a mother I swore that I would be patient with my kids because it was imbedded in my brain by the nuns that motherhood is a blessing. What a crock! There were times when I bit my tongue so hard I could taste my own blood, especially when my daughter became a teenager. I never knew what talking points I was supposed to use especially on school mornings. If I greeted her she responded with a grunt and if I ignored her she got upset because I ignored her. One time I asked her to provide me with cue cards to give me a hint as to an acceptable script. However, I remained cool most of the time because I had to maintain control and discipline, so to some extent I exercised patience and endurance like a saint. Then it happened: both kids left home and I suddenly realized that apart from my own children I really did not like other people’s kids. This happened simultaneously with the fact that I was already 40 years old when we became childless again, except for the occassionaly phone call usually to ask for money; but I digress.

As I grew older and way into my “new 40” age bracket, I gradually grew utterly intolerant and impatient with this generation of parents and their urchins. Just when I think that I should be enjoying my life with peace and quiet I find myself in the same universe with the most annoying, unpleasant, and rude generation I have ever known. I have quit taking vacations in the summer because I refuse to pay good money for a resort to get annoyed at kids running loose like animals. What happened to parenting? It has been diluted into an insignificant and irrelevant event by the politically correct loons who demand government intervention and “counseling” at my taxes’ expense to teach other loons how to raise a child. Amazing! My mother had seven of us, three born during the war, and one raised in a shelter underground and away from Luftwaffe bombs. What is equally amazing is the fact that it never crossed her mind to get parenting classes, she sort of knew what she was supposed to do. 

Society is being held hostage by those who make parenting and having children my concern. Why? This misnomer that it “takes a village” to raise a kid became the mantra of the Clintons in the early 90’s. They made it my concern that someone accepted insemination and got pregnant. Now I was supposed to help raise someone else’s child. What nonsense! We have developed a generation of sperm and egg donors who expect society to tolerate their moronic parenting and their equally moronic children. What is even more frightening is the fact that this generation of self absorbed texting empty-headed Myle Cyrus girating morons will be taking care of me in my old age. I will gladly accept euthanasia!

I think that our generation raised our children in the same way as our parents raised us; to be responsible adults and civil. Unfortunately with the upswing of technology and telecommunication , this young generation lost its ability and skill to communicate within an individualistic and family environment. Parents do not parent any more because they have no time or so they say. My parents managed to raise seven kids on my father’s salary, and I managed to raise two and send them to university on my husband’s salary. So why can’t parents cope any more financially and socially? Quite simple: stuff. They want stuff and more stuff at the expense of parenting. Our needs were not excessive as those of today. Our kids did not have cell phones, a television in every room, and technology that costs an arm and a leg. Our needs were simple, but our families were solid. Discipline and guidance raised our children and gave them a compass in life. We did not expect society to raise them.

As I grow older my patience with younger twits grows even thiner. It is not that I do not tolerate others, it is just that this generation’s nonsensical egotistical nuances tire me. This generation of children is tiring those of us who have already raised families. This generation of parents is equally tiring us as they expect us to tolerate their brats and raise them for them. I find myself scolding kids I do not even know while the mother stands by and watches with amazment as her urchin actually obeys me.  Disciplining a child and teaching them right from wrong has become as foreign as a dial on a phone. In the meantime, those my age who have gone through parenting and managed to raise children without any major production, resent the fact that we are expected to tolerate other people’s brats because some pseudo intellectual politically correct leftist political moron or morons told us to.

At 97 my mother sits in a home for seniors and watches the world go by. However, there are times when she looses her patience with another elderly lady. One time during one of her intolerant spats, I asked her why the woman bugs her so. Her reply was simple: I’m old.

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