What ticked me off the most in 2015?

Amid the mayhem and incompetency of  global leadership that has led us into Bedlam; the top ten most aggravating and nail scratching things that sent me through the roof and got me foaming at the mouth were:

Number 10:  

Being told that as a tax payer I subsidize cell phones to those on government assistance. Disregarding the cutesy reference to the cell phones as “Obama phone:”  it sent chills down my spine. Why cell phones? A sane person might ask. For emergencies I was told. So I ask: What did welfare recipients do pre-cell phone era? Did FDR give out cell phones during the depression? And who determines the “emergency?” So many questions so few answers.

Number 9:

The military subsidizing transgender surgery. That’s correct folks. A “he” who wants to become a “she” or vice versa: anyone unsure of who they are, were, or supposed to be. You can ask the military to pay for a transgender surgery and it will be done.  Worth in some cases five figure tax payers’ dollars. Now I ask: do corporate employees ask a CEO for free transgender surgery? I don’t think so. So why is the tax payer and the military going along with this and footing the bill? This surgery is also available to convicts; really! So I have a solution. If you are a “he” and wants to be a “she?” I have a deal for you: give me a pair of scissors and I will snip away free of charge.

Number 8:

The assault on American traditions. In October, a nut case wanted to rename Columbus Day weirdly referencing  indigenous injustices. The activism around traditional holidays has reached epidemic proportions and the idiots are taking over our rights and chipping at our way of life under the insidious pretext of Freedom of Speech. This same nut went on a verbal rampage about Columbus being a murderer. Really? Activists now look for historical “injustices” to justify bad behavior and annoyance. They have become ludicrous, pathetic, and very boring. However: they all enjoy the days off!

Number 7:

The legalization of “pot” set me on fire in March. At a time when American society is going downhill faster than a snowball on the Zutzpitz, some of “we the people” voted to legalize “dope.” The substance touted as harmless by brainless politicians and pseudo 60’s activists who want to make a buck, turned some of our towns into miniature pot havens. So we take umbrage at cigarette vending machines because of the “kids” but we are Ok with legalizing a substance that keeps one impaired after consumption? How many school bus drivers in Denver have inhaled a reefer prior to driving your kids to school? Why do you think we called it “dope” in the 60’s?

Number 6: 

The first  Paris attack in January on Charlie Hebdo. This ticked me off to no end because other three attacks had already taken place in France; all perpetrated  by Islamic extremists. After Charlie Hebdo, a solidarity march by world leaders to include German Chancellor Merkel and Netanyahu marched through Paris as a sign of leadership and support. Who was missing? Our very own “you know who” who decided to  stay home in the White House: with his wife, vice-president, secretary of state, attorney general, and anyone else worth mentioning. They must have been playing canasta. What a disgrace! Of course a few days prior our fearless leader calmly and eloquently declared ISIS contained! How did that containment work out Mr. President?

Number 5:

The fall of Ramadi to extremists in May. This was a personal blow. In 2006, we lost many soldiers from the 1st Brigade, 1st Armor Div, Ready First Combat Team. Ramadi produced widows, Gold Star mothers, and orphans,when our soldiers fought and won back the city. To publicly say that Ramadi did not matter was a slap in the face to those of us who stood side by side with the families who lost a loved one. For a former general who was a prior CG of the forces in Iraq to say that Ramadi was inconsequential: was an insult. Do we still think that Ramadi does not matter?

Number 4:

The burning of Baltimore and America in May. The polarization of our nation came to a head in May.  Open war was declared on the police across the nation because of a shooting in Baltimore.  A shooting that was provoked yet used as an excuse for grievances. Instead of uniting the country, our leadership stoked the fires of hatred, division and racism by justifying the looting and thugery of those involved.  Anyone objecting to the disgraceful conduct  and lawlessness were labeled racists or worse. Once again, and under incompetent and self-absorbed leadership: the roles of perpetrator and victim were reversed. Is Baltimore any better now than before?

Number 3:

The second Paris attack by Islamist extremist in November. Paris bled but our president had climate change on his mind. I am certain that the victims’ families really cared about a warmer winter or wetter summers! How “dopey” is “dopey?” The blatant distraction to leadership incompetence was evident but some Kool Aid drinkers still went along on the climate change yellow brick road. People died and the leader of the free world was concerned about a change in the weather. If it were not so stupid and inane it would be tragic. I am sure that the terrorists are terrified of climate change Mr. President; that’s why a month later they attacked our homeland!

Number 2:

The summer killing of the four marines in Chattanooga by an Islamist extremist.  Four marines at a recruiting station were unarmed and gunned down.The killer took their lives without a second thought. Cannot remember what ticked me off more: the fact that they were unarmed marines and could not defend themselves, or the fact that they died in an attempt to recruit others to join the Corps and do the right thing for America! Semper Fi!  The marines died at the hands of Islamic extremists, and our leadership demanded gun control for Americans!

Number 1:

The December attack in San Bernardino, California by Islamic extremists. The surreal rhetoric after the fact sent me into a frenzy. One more time we were told not to blame Islam but the terrorists. Well go figure. However, Mr. President have you noticed a unique pattern here? Paris, Chattanooga, and San Bernardino: they were not Episcopalians who shot to kill: they were Islamic.  What a coincidence!

Going into 2016 I am truly hoping that my blood pressure is not tested to the extent that it was in 2015. A few hints to those who ticked me off:

Mr. President: you have a marginal opportunity before you leave office to get off your prompter and write a few words from the heart that mean something. Quit blaming everyone and everything American for the evil acts of those who prefer to follow a faith that seems to perpetuate hatred against us. Be true to yourself and to us: Islamists as defined by their current acts: have little regard for human life, treat women like crap, marry girls off before they are teens, and have no qualms in beating anyone to death they deem deserving. Is this way of life what you aspire for your nation? The nation you swore to protect? The nation that gave you enough opportunity to lead it? Do me and others a favor: tell the truth and grow a set of balls. Then go after these bastards before they kill us in our beds. That is when  I will not be ticked off at you any longer.

Activist: do not become annoying in your continual whining and demands for justice without a cause. Because you think it unjust it does not mean that it is. Also: quit wasting my tax payer’s money on your pet peeves. For example: quit demanding the government not to drill for oil or mine for resources because some obscure insect will go extinct. Dinosaurs went extinct. Would you have liked them to still roam your neighborhood?  Also: lay off Christmas, Easter, Columbus Day, and any other holiday we all enjoy. It is your right not to like it for some warped reason most of us do not understand,  but leave me and others to enjoy it. It is not you being an activist that ticks me off, but it’s the unreasonable demands your activism puts on my life that sends me round the bend.

Atheists etc: I do not care whether you believe in mother earth, Stonehenge, or a pet rock: let me enjoy my faith. You are quick to point out the separation of state and church; yet you thrash my faith at every opportunity. If you are so true to your belief that there is no God or higher entity, be quiet and let me express my freedom and right under the first amendment to pray to my God. The same amendment that gives you the right to be uncouth and intolerant of my religion and my church. I will not be ticked off at you if you want to celebrate sister moon as long as you respect my personal preferences on worship.

My mother turned 99 this year.  She looks at the world in a perplexed way because she cannot comprehend the angst that this generation seems to impose on itself. She lived through WWII in a rock shelter for four grueling years and with continual Luftwaffe bombings overhead. She does not dwell on it and she has not required a psychiatrist or analyst to tell her that eventually time heals all wounds. Her generation were resilient and fought for good against evil without reservations. They had convictions. They did not make excuses. WWII veterans returned from war eager to get on with their lives. Yet they never expected anyone to ask them to apologize for what they had to do to save our freedom and to save others from the prevalent evil of that time.  They did not talk about “closure” or amends. They spoke about heroism and determination in defeating the enemy. They knew who the enemy was identified him as such.

We find ourselves in trouble because we have become a generation of apologists who cannot “tell it straight” any more. This generation is more judgmental than any other I have ever known. They preach tolerance and diversity yet they are the most intolerant lot I have ever  seen. They do not want to be judged but they sure judge others especially those in disagreement with them. Look at what is happening on college campuses. Pseudo intellectual twits refusing to listen to any opinion other than their own. Hence they refuse speakers like Condoleezza Rice, Ann Coulter, Dick Cheney, and many others who the intellectual snobs consider unworthy because they do not walk the same walk or talk the same talk. Such ignorance and intolerance is not only incomprehensible but bordering on McCarthyism. These are our future leadership. Heaven help us.

As I enter the new year, I am hoping that my aggravations diminish; that would mean that the world is getting somewhat better and less stupidity for me to get ticked off about. Marching toward a new year is always inspiring. Hoping to fix the broken or starting anew. Very idealistic and to some extent childish. However, I am excited anticipating the new year because it is a count down toward a big change in my life: my retirement. Am I scared? Not really. Am I nervous? A little. Am I excited? A lot. I am imagining that I can march into a future equipped with nothing but my experience, knowledge, and personal charm! So, here’s to 2016 and may we see less tragedy, more competence, more leadership, and less for me to get annoyed at. One can only hope.  Happy New Year.


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