Neutralizing the American male

I am so glad that my father passed away some thirty years ago because he would have certainly not survived in today’s conforming world. He was brash, often vulgar, and scathingly critical of fools. When my mother described someone “nice”, my father’s brisk reply would be, “He’s a fool”. My dad did not have much patience with weakness especially in men. He loved us kids and my mother immensely but as a typical man of his times, he was raised to walk a straight line and take care of a family without reservations. He was what we used to call “a real man”.

In my childhood, real men smelled of cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and Old Spice. They wore a suit and tie to work, and often a hat. They opened doors for ladies, led ladies to their seats, and stood up when a lady walked in. Our real men protected women and “brought home the bacon” often working at two jobs to support their families. They were proud, stoic, strong, and eventually taught their sons to be the same way. It was called raising your son “right”. Taking care of the “women folk” was not a myth. “Women and children first” was the cry of men in any disaster. Tell that to the #MeToo movement!

We are walking perilously on a precipice of brain degradation instigated by pinhead psychologists and social philosophers. Nothing is sacred to this generation of pseudo intellectual idiots, including religion, family, or discipline. They are bent on making us believe that what we had known as good or normal is now an abomination. There latest sordid attempt is to have us believe that behaving like a man within the masculinity of man’s gender is conducive to limiting “males’ psychological development”. In my father’s own words: what a bunch of fools.

A January 10, 2019, article by Fiza Pirani of The Atlanta-Journal-Constitution left me speechless (which is an anomaly in itself). It seems that the American Psychological Association (APA) released “guidelines” on how men can prevent “gender role conflict”. Whatever that means. According to a “study” by these intellectual idiots, the male gender goes into conflict at a very early age, because young boys are lead into a stereotypical life style that could promote sexual harassment, bullying, homophobia and other “disruptive” behaviors. Cannot make this crap up if I tried. Of course they do not mention the fact that some 70% of young boys especially in minority groups are raised without fathers, do not know their fathers, and are often raised by grandparents. I wonder if they studied this phenomenon?

In days of old when men were bold and women enjoyed their femininity; mothers (foolish that they were), raised boys in pants, allowed them to climb trees, often be obnoxious, and later slapped respect in them. This was obviously flawed upbringing because according to the APA, these actions exposed their male off springs to “rigid gender norms” that often led to depression in adulthood. They defined this drivel as “masculinity ideology”. I was depressed reading it. Thank God that all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives in both WW I and WWII were “gender conflicted” or we would be marching to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles! I bet it was the “constellation of standards” that urged them to risk their lives for our freedom. But I digress.

Generations ago we taught our kids about life at an early age. The death of a pet, failing at an exam, or not making it on a school team; suck it up and move on. Better still, do better. You want to drive a fancy car like the rich dude down the street? Study hard and make good at your job. “Dreamers” were not illegal aliens jumping a fence at the Mexican border. They were hard working families who believed in the American dream. The dream that would come to reality with perseverance, and yes, often good luck. But we quit teaching kids discipline, fortitude, integrity, and fundamental survival. Instead from infancy we led them to believe that they were God’s gift to mankind without responsibility or accountability. That hard work was somehow beneath them. Henceforth we have a bunch of six-figure student-loan-debt- ridden graduate intellectuals busing tables at Starbucks. A generation of social activist morons. I digress again.

The “masculinity ideology” took a life of its own when Gillette (the razor company) unveiled a commercial with a “message”. Call me stupid, but having been married, and also raised in a family with three men, I can assure you that all these guys ever wanted in a razor was a sharp shave and the sincere hope that they would not cut their faces to shreds. But Gillette took marketing to another level. They wanted to teach the American males a lesson in liberating themselves from their “narrow roles” as men. This capitulation to the now banal #MeToo movement has reached epidemic proportions and in my humble opinion should be considered gender bigotry. Unfortunately, the #MeToo is another organization hijacked by radicals and morphed into #Insane.

Gillette wants their consumers to be “The Best a man can get”. Watching the commercial is as riveting as watching grass grow. Gillette is now the self proclaimed psychological social mentor of the American male, teaching him not to be inherently a Neanderthal. But isn’t that why we love men? Because they are Neanderthals. They eat junk, have stinky socks, snore, and are enamored of any sport that entails grunting, sweating, throwing a ball, and often swearing. I do not know any man who would sit for hours watching figure skating. Don’t we want men to be strong and tough? Don’t we want to feel protected by them? Don’t we want to be admired by them? Not according to the APA or Gillette. Men must become sensitive. They must be reined in. Good luck ladies! After watching the Gillette commercial, you can put your make up and hoochy mama dress away because no man in his right mind is coming within a foot of you. And if this male bashing escalates, you will soon be signing a pre-date agreement before you attempt your first “hi” let alone your first smooch!

I am sure that there are men who deserve to be castrated without anesthesia. But when a razor company feels compelled to send a social “message” to sell its product, we are on the brink of ludicrous and inane. When we give credulity to “masculinity ideology”, we are a step away from insanity. At this point I desperately need some “real man” time. I have the perfect solution. A single malt, a Cuban cigar, and Paul Newman. What a perfect “masculinity ideology” combination.

Pirani, F. January 10, 2019. ‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment, medical group says. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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