Did you know that Mary Poppins was racist? Ask The New York Times!

Just when I thought that the world could not get any crazier, I was proven wrong again.  Stupid that I am, I never considered Mary Poppins and Bert  as racists. But that was then and this is now.  Thank God for the New York Times for setting me straight.  Daniel Pollack-Pelzner of The New York Times wrote an article devoted entirely to the nuances of Travers’ s racist implications in writing Mary Poppins.  The article went right to the heart of the racist nanny: ‘Mary Poppins’ and a Nanny’s Shameful Flirting with Black Face”. Who can resist not reading such an expose? According to Daniel, the black powdering up of Mary’s face in the ‘Step in Time dance’ was a “caricature” statement of South Africans.   Gee, and to think that for more than 50 years  most of us assumed it was  a dance routine about London chimney sweeps.  Well, thank you Daniel for setting me and the rest of the world straight.  Now I can get on with my life knowing that Mary and Bert premeditatedly and insidiously put on black faces as a racist gesture.  And here I thought it was just a typical Disney corny song and dance.   What do I know?

Daniel gives great detail alleging that the original book had to be edited to remove Travers’s racial innuendo.  Whatever. We must all be dense as  brick walls, because I am certain that for the past 50 plus years, no ethnic group or skin color ever realized  or gave second thought to any racial undertones in Mary Poppins.  But then people had an ounce of common sense whereas now they all drink the Koolaid.  The all too familiar social apologetic New York Times is no exception.  For generations of movie goers, mostly families, no one seemed to care that the dancing  chimney sweeps had black faces. That’s because parenting and education was such that logic dictated chimney sweeps would eventually get black sooty faces.  Same as miners.  Wonder how long it is going to take before going after them too? But as I said; that was then and this is now.  A time where social justice and activism has been elevated to another kind of stupid.  

How has American society arrived to a mental black hole sans logic and relatively inane?  The “black face” domino effect seemed to have taken a life of its own.  Whether past entertainers and entertainment was scathingly intentionally racial is possibly and probably true.  No one denies that.  However, I wish to believe that America has moved past ignorant biases and is more compassionate and reasonable than 50 years ago.  Never forgetting history is different than tweaking the present to fit some offhand unsubstantiated narrative.  How long are we going to stretch the racial rubber band from the past to the present to justify activism? How long are we going to milk the racial card? At what point in time are we going to move on?  How much more can we lower our capacity to think logically or at all?

The Pandora’s box on sensitivity and offense has  now been ripped wide open revealing a gaping hole of extremism and leftist lunacy.  If Mary Poppins is the next victim to left loon activism, who is next under the social justice guillotine? Well, I forgot to add that Daniel and The New York Times added Mickey Mouse to the insane “black face” heap of hysteria.  A 1930-ish black and white early cartoon of the iconic mouse was referenced: the mouse had a black face.  Mickey Mouse was also racist. 

Fascism started with the gradual “cleansing” of what some considered inappropriate behavior.  Eventually everything became inappropriate, leaving very little freedom for the rest of the folk.  Fascism dictated one single opinion and restricted freedoms to only one thought.  Sounds familiar? Left wing organizations force their agendas and opinions on the rest of us, expecting us to “conform” to their ideals.  This is forced social justice demanding conformity to their social class.  They consider themselves the moral judges of us all.  They are the upright defenders of righteousness. They are our moral gate keepers.  They want to save us from ourselves.  In the meantime they pick and chose who to save.  Mostly far left causes leave the majority of the population out of the saving range of redemption.  Those of us who are politically middle-of-the road or conservative are not worth saving, because we refuse the drink the mass hysteria and mob Koolaid.  But I digress.

“Journalists” like Daniel must really have time on their hands.  The New York Times, once a prestigious newspaper, is now a caricature of its former self.  Blatantly biased, it offers a platform to pseudo intellectual articles like the one on Mary Poppins.  The Editor in Chief must really be a push over to publish such crap. The newspaper is only good to  fuel the fire of irritating nonsense and partisan inanity. Prestige is out of the window.  If the New York Times  finds Daniel’s ‘nanny’s shameful flirting with black face” story  news worthy, then it lost its ability to be taken seriously and there is no coming back from that kind of stupid.

The latest “black face” debacle started with the Lt Governor of Virginia’s college antics, and continued with an ugly sweater by Gucci.  Both items of contention way down on the list of imperative moments  in our lives.  The farmer in the mid-west and the coal miner in Virginia could care less if a pin head governor painted his face black at a fraternity party at some snooty ivy league school.  Half of the kids who attend those schools are clueless on life anyway, and rely mostly on  mommy and daddy’s pocket book.  I doubt that anyone living from paycheck to paycheck cares that Gucci made a sweater that is as ugly as sin and no one in their right mind would spend $500 on it.  The point is, that social activism seems to have become the tool of the elite.  I do not know or have known anyone who has the time to be an activist.  Normal people have normal jobs and barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning let alone think about Mary Poppins being racist or that Mickey Mouse had a black face 80 years ago.  It is as unimportant and futile as watching   the Academy Awards. Boring and sans any consequential impact on our lives.

I have come to the conclusion that we have now developed another social class to American society.  The activists.  A self absorbed individual social class distinctively above others  in morality.  They are the new social philosophers.  You know, bullshit artists. These are the marching men and women who live for a cause.  They use every waking moment thinking of a cause and ways to torture us with stupid.  Whatever the flavor of the month might be.  Sexual harassment, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, white privilege, and now “black face”.   They do not need an excuse to portray themselves as society’s martyrs.  They carry the banner of victimization for others, while leaving half of society behind as unworthy.  They consider themselves the intellectual elite.  They have a monopoly on our well being.  In the meantime, they join organizations like the anti-Semite BDS  or call those who do not agree with them deplorable, uneducated, racist, bigots, and dare I say it: stupid.  They are in a social class of their own.  Professional activists whose mission in life is to find something wrong with theirs and inadvertently make their discontent our business.

Besides elevating dumb to another level, Mr. Pelzner and The New York Times managed to ruin Mary Poppins forever.  How can we enjoy “Step in Time” knowing full well that it was a conspiracy against South Africans?  Go figure. 

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