Socialist Greed & the loony left


Yea it is time for a tirade.  When is the Democratic Party disassociating itself from socialists and the loony left.?  Once the proud party that defied and won against Nazism, Fascism, and even sent man on the moon, has been reduced to a continuous episode of Homer Simpson.  Duh! There are still Democrats upholding principles found in the Constitution, but they are few and far between. Regretfully, they are being bullied by the new loony left faction of the party.  The dominant and prominent loons are Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. The four musketeers of socialism, anti-Semitism, and  greed.  Yes folks, the loony left is greedy.

The United States is a Constitutional  Republic and not a  Democracy.  Surprised? I suppose it irks the pinheads above to no end.  The fundamental differences between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy are founded in the philosophy and definition of both types of governments.  A Democracy is defined as a system ruled by the majority, “allowing any individual and group of individuals composing any minority, that have no protection against the power of the majority.” A Constitutional Republic has a written constitution of “basic rights that protect minority from being unrepresented or abused by the majority”. (  This was the reason why our founders had enough foresight and intellect to create the Electoral College, an instrument that protected  smaller and rural states voters from being overruled by the highly populated urban areas and states. The check and balances of a Republic.  The cry to abolish the Electoral College is simply a futile and insidious attempt by the highly populated ultra liberal states on the east and west coast to impose their will on the rest of us.  But I digress.

Add a socialist agenda to a Democracy and you end up with chaos disguised as justice.  I will cut some slack to the three idiotic women mentioned above because they have not lived long enough to remember Communism or the Cold War.  I have socks older than they are.  But Bernie Sanders is another story.  He is an enigma to me because he has been on this earth longer than I have, and I remember Eisenhower as President! What is his excuse? Unless Vermont was somehow sheltered from Walter Cronkite or any other mainstream media, he ought to know and remember how socialism operated.  He should remember the pain and suffering Eastern Europe was under for more than 40 years.  As a matter of fact some former Eastern Bloc countries have yet to completely recover.  The Berlin Wall was not built to keep people out (as some idiots have you to believe when they compare it to Trump’s “wall), the wall was to keep people in.  People attempting to escape across the wall were shot. 134 of them to be exact. Venezuela is the latest casualty to socialism.  So what drives the loony left toward socialism? The answer is quite simple; greed.  Greed, you say?

Socialists are greedy bastards. They want what they cannot get on their own.  A good example of such greed is the constraint on property rights.  A social democracy can limit those rights and take over property if the government deems it unworthy that an individual should have it.  A Constitutional Republic prohibits interfering with property rights.  What is yours is yours.  Socialism is built on the false pretense of equality.  Equality through greed and avarice.  I want it and deserve what you have because I am your equal and therefore you must share it with me. The mantra of the loony left: free, free, free.  Margaret Thatcher said it well; “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” In this case our money.  There is no such thing as a free lunch, someone always pays for it.  According to socialism the “rich” must pay for it.  But now we must define “rich”.  Ms. Ocasio Cortez or AOC as she is so fondly referred to, has put $10 million as the magic “rich” number.  You cannot earn more than that because we will tax you until you drop. According to AOC no one should be allowed to have more. Who needs more? I would like to know how Pelosi, Gore, Clinton, and the rest of her Democratic millionaire buddies feel about that.  What happens when the “rich” are no longer rich?  I would love to ask her that question but I would have to endure her banal answer.

Socialism creates nothing.  It just takes from others.  Why are socialists so eager to make everyone poorer?  Why are they against successful people who create our jobs and better our lives? Why are socialists miserable? And why would I want to share their obvious misery? Socialists are inherently greedy.  They yearn to have mine, yours, and ours. I do not believe their equality narrative, because those in charge never give up what they have, but force me to give up mine.  I have never seen a poor socialist leader. I would love to see Al gore endorse AOC’s “green deal”. Say good bye to your private jets, Hummers, and mansions Mr. Gore. Oh, and forget your royalties from your inane global warming books. Those dollars will melt away as easy as the melting glaciers you predicted in 2012. Nancy Pelosi might want to consider donating her winery and property and distribute her wealth as our former president advocated and the current pinheads want.  What about Bernie Sanders who owns half of Vermont, maybe he would share his good fortune with the likes of us?  Unless born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or inherited your wife’s fortune ala Al Gore, most of us have worked hard for what we have earned.  I refuse to share my years of hard work with some free loading scumbag who refuses to go through the same crap I went through.

So what’s the beef social democrats?  Why so bent on ruining what America was so uniquely great at: self-sufficiency?  Why drive Amazon out of town when they were prepared to pay six figure salaries to 70% blacks and minorities in Queens?  But hey, this was AOC’s finest moment. She was all smiles because she “won”. What an idiot! Amazon was ready to provide 25,000 jobs to a major city in desperate need of a boost in business. And to think that people in Queens voted for this moron. The same people she had no problem shafting.

Taking trips to former East Berlin in the 70’s and 80’s was an eye opener for all of us Western elite.  You could not find a fresh fruit or vegetable if your life depended on it.  Long human lines were everywhere.  Housewives stood in line without knowing what they were lining up for.  The idea was that if there was a line, then there must be something at the end of the line that was not available the day before.  Even if you did not need it you bought it anyway.  On one of my many trips to East Berlin, I stood in line in a store with the best of them.  I inquired about a small pair of boy’s pants for my nephew.  The rack only carried one size and I needed a different size.  My request was met with an abrupt unsmiling face (no one smiled in East Germany, probably they were prohibited from doing so) and a persuasive “nein”. An older lady behind me explained that whatever was on the shelves was normally what was available. “Suppose you want another size?” I inanely asked. “You wait” came the reply.  I asked her how long they would wait.  She shrugged, who knows, a day, a week, a year; you get the gist.  East Germans waited 15 years to get a Trabi. A vehicle made out of recycled material that ran on an alcohol based fuel that stunk to high heaven and back.  The joke went like this: a man ordered his vehicle from the central office.  He was given a 15 year delivery date.  He asked the clerk if it would be delivered in the morning or the afternoon on that day.  The clerk asked why.  The man replied that he had an appointment for a plumber that same afternoon! And this is AOC and Bernie’s dream for us! Dream on morons.

The Democratic party is now a parody.  Three months  into leading congress and nothing to show for it but inane investigations that go nowhere.  We have been at it for three years. We could have paid for a wall around the country with the billions spent on this crap. They have gone after Trump’s campaign, university, daughter, wife, and if he had a dog, they would have gone after him too.  They would offer immunity to the White House gardener if they thought he could dig some dirt up.  They would make great editors in chief of the National Inquirer.  In the meantime, they allow the likes of  Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to trash Israel and Jews, and the certifiable AOC to threaten and bully decent people in her own party with McCarthyism tactics if they do not go along with her crazy ideas.  It is an Alice in Wonderland moment.  She puts the Mad Hatter to shame.

The Democratic party and Nancy Pelosi needs to cut these idiots loose.  Let them form their own loony left party.  They can call it the new Socialist Democratic Party or whatever flavor of the month they chose. After all they love to brag how socialist they are.  Better still, send them on a congressional fact finding trip to Venezuela.  One way ticket only please!

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