The bashing of America to suit idiots

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So Nike succumbed to revised historical blackmail by no other than the “has been” pinhead Colin Kaepernick.  Nike launched a new commemorative shoe this week. The debut was short-lived.  Enters the former quarter back whose career had been in decline since 2015, and booted out in 2016.  Listed as the worst quarterback in the NFL, Colin had an issue with the shoe.  Nike, in an equally unprecedented stupid move, decided to make this pseudo activist ignoramus its spokesperson.  Nike actually developed a line of sports ware with this idiot’s face on it.  So I ask; why would anyone associate themselves athletically with a loser?  But I digress. The inanity started when Nike launched a special Independence Day patriotic shoe depicting the original 13-star flag on the back.  The “Betsy Ross” flag as it is so often referred to.  At this point I must beg forgiveness from the seamstress herself. Sorry Betsy, but according to the now all too familiar visceral rhetoric of the far left loons; which includes the ex-NFL moron, you were obviously a white supremacist. Who’d have thought? 

The hypocrisy and stupidity of Colin’s genre is the intentional modification of history to suit one’s agenda.  Everything is generalized for maximum impact with limited capacity for thought or intelligence.  But the hypocrisy lies square on Nike’s back. For years, Nike produced its shoes in Vietnam, the Philippines, and China. In the late 90’s they, like other brands and high-end designers, were exposed and caught in a scandal that revealed unhindered business practices in third world countries. They were caught hiring cheap and often slave labor to produce their brands which they in turn sold to idiots in the west, and at exorbitant prices. This small fact seems to escape the disingenuous victimized complex of Colin and his ilk. It also seems to have skipped Nike’s mind. So pardon me for not taking Nike seriously as they ride patriotically into our 4th of July sunset claiming solidarity with those who find offense with Betsy Ross or the birth of our first flag. 

Betsy Ross

To continue debunking Nike and its inane and nebulous intent of activism, it made a public statement that it did not want to “…offend and distract from the nation’s patriotic holiday”.  So it is okay to celebrate Independence Day, which is commemorating the nation’s birth, which prompted the first 13-star flag, but it is not okay to display the flag because it is offensive? If you are scratching your head, you are not the only one.  The story about Betsy Ross and her patriotic sewing prowess has never really been verified historically, but it is accepted as lore which adds to the charm of the birth of our nation.  We all find comfort in envisioning a simple woman sitting in her rocking chair sewing our first flag.  But Colin, the one-man crusader for justice who earned millions while accomplishing very little; has a problem with Betsy and her flag. It offends him. This is the man who screwed up the only thing he was paid to do right: play ball. Go figure. The man who led a good life on the backs of those he insults. The man who complains about the country that has blessed him with the ability to make money as an incompetent idiot. We should be so lucky.

What country is bereft from dark history?  What peoples are not guilty of past atrocities?  How many countries have risen out of the ashes of civil wars and slavery to become a beacon of hope for millions?  I do not see anyone trying to leave America.  I see millions literally dying to get in.  If America is so bad, why the thousands at the Southern Border? Colin and his compatriots are the shallow elite disguised as historic victims.  They are not activists, they are opportunists. They care very little for truth.  They are narcissists. They claim to be the tolerant but in reality the most intolerant.  The diverse who want nothing to do with anyone who thinks differently.  The saviors of humanity as long as humanity plays to their tune.  In short; charlatans.

So Nike and Colin are suddenly the sensitive police. The moral compass of our nation. What a load of crap.  Enough is enough.   America and Americans, at least those of us who have to work for a living, have had it up to their nostrils in this garbage.  Liberals call the right protectionists.  Are you kidding me?  I hate to break it to you MSNBC, but activism is protectionism.  Activists want to protect an ideology.  They will go to all lengths to tell the rest of us that we are not worthy to breath the same air as them. The far left has one thing in common with the far right; they are both extreme idealists who have very little tolerance for the rest of us.  They operate on visceral hate.

We are witnessing activists who claim to fight for “injustice” and “rights” of Americans but hate America.  The current clique of pseudo social justice warriors are conveniently choosy.  Their narrative is very selective.  Unless one aspires to their dogma, their ideals, and their fights, then one is not worth fighting for.  A point in fact is the current anti-Semitic rhetoric by a few in Congress and on liberal campuses.  As Bernie Goldberg once said; liberals fight for minorities but not if you are Jewish. The selective few are worth saving, the rest can go to hell.

The demonization of America is home grown. It slowly crept in partisan politics and quickly flourished under President Obama.  His “apology” tour was meant to purposely bring down America’s might and “humble” it to make it look “good”. He even went after Christians for past atrocities while extreme Islamists were beheading people just because they could.


He travelled around the world apologizing for America and Americans.  The America and Americans who freed Europe and Japan from tyranny.  The America and Americans who brought the end to the Cold War.  The America and Americans who formed and joined the Peace Corp in aid of third world countries and their plight. The America and Americans who developed the Marshall Plan and rebuilt Europe from the ashes of war.  The America and Americans who donate billions to countries that often kill Americans.  The America and Americans who send their sons and daughters to die in countries we can’t pronounce just because it is the right thing to do.  The America and Americans that gave young people like Colin the opportunity to be well educated and earn millions wearing tights and throwing a ball.  The America and Americans who are there first when tragedy strikes anywhere in the world. The America and Americans who defend unconditionally those who ask for help.

The age of grievance and entitlement was born out of inane rhetoric by our leadership, and continued through the deliberate distortion of historical truth and bias to satisfy a political agenda fraught with nebulous social justice and talk of reparation.  A social justice boondoggle that brought us to present day stupid and Colin Kaepernick.

Nike will still sell shoes but its pandering to the left loons will take its toll.  The problem with companies like Nike, Starbucks, Gillette, and other brand names that identify with political correctness activism is that they inadvertently exclude a majority of their market. They fail to realize that their in-your-face attempt at “educating” us mere mortals on our obvious moral and social short comings is offensive and does not impress us. We find it condescending and annoying.  There is more to America than Oregon, California, New York, and Washington.  There is the America that buys shoes at Target, drinks a cup of Joe at the local diner, and buys the cheapest blade because it works just fine.  In short, heartland America and Americans have never needed brands to identify with.  They identify with the founding fathers and the idealism that made America a country where the impossible is possible, and success depends on individuality not the government.

In the land of the free and the brave we have the blessing of freedom of speech and choice.  Nike and Colin choose to belittle and demonize our past.  I and the majority of sane Americans choose and have the freedom to ignore both.  We choose to celebrate our country’s independence cherishing our blessings as Americans, in a country called America.  Independence Day is more than a shoe and a self-proclaimed activist fool; it is also about those who fought and still fight for our country.  Some died so that the Colin Kaepernicks have the freedom to be ungrateful idiots and others like me to be able to say so.  Happy 4th of July!

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