You think COVID is painful? Listen to Harry and Meghan’s interview and take a valium!

Well folks, we now have the scoop. Harry and Meghan are unhappy. They were “forced” to abdicate the financial security the Royal Family coffers afford those who enter its doors. Poor, poor Meghan. She had no idea what she was getting into. A victim of her times, the over 30 narcissism; it must be somebody’s fault.  The couple who swore off publicity and implored the public for privacy for their son’s sake, have etched their names and hung their dirty laundry in every drive-in public toilet of the world. They are the veritable tabloid duo of the decade.  They wallow in self-pity and visceral hatred for the rest of us mere mortals. We don’t understand them.

Unless born under the proverbial rock, or your name is Joe Biden, everyone knows that the British Royal Family is an establishment of rules. They didn’t maintain their money, prestige, and sanity by running naked in the park. The problem with most of women who want to rub elbows with royalty is their desire for fame without the consequential obligations. Diana was a prime example. She married into the family and expected her life to be normal. To be fair to her, she was just a kid when she married Charles, but Meghan has no excuse, she is past her prime and past any minute docile pretense of naivete. She is a calculating woman who knew exactly what she was getting into or she would not have pursued it. Her choices were very transparent, a B actress in a mediocre weekly show or princess. I wonder how long it took her to make that decision.

Royal marriages were never made in heaven. They were planned and executed with calculated political precision. Prospective women and soon to-be royal brides went through years of training in royal protocols and expectations. I doubt that young Queen Victoria or young Queen Elizabeth for that matter even considered being miserable. They were raised to be tough and loyal to the Crown. Girls like Fergie, Diana, and now Meghan; opted for the royal “security” without the pain. If we are to believe the many documentaries, series, and books on the Royals: Royals do not lead normal lives and we hardly expect them to do so. Their lives are not painless, but they are not Gulag living and hard labor either.  Royalty is not made for the faint hearted and obviously the common girl.  Yet, it does not stop women like Meghan to step into the realm and bitch about it.

Harry had a tough psychological life growing up in a split dysfunctional family. Both parents were mental midgets. He also went through the death of his mother at a young age. He has lived in the shadow of a big brother destined to be King, and a father destined to be senile. But he ought to have known through his own experiences, that marrying into his family is taking one’s sanity into one’s hands. There is no normal, and if one expects normal, then one must look elsewhere and not within the gates of Buckingham Palace.

The nauseating Oprah interview was a Hollywood special led by Meghan who used all her B-acting skills to full capacity. Had she done the same on her show, she might have gone farther than a mention in the credits. She is the principal protagonist in the life of two spoilt dysfunctional millennials who expect the world to owe them something. Big brother William and his wife Kate seem very capable in dealing with the strenuous life of the Palace and still lead a reasonable private life. They do not offer fodder to the press and they seem to behave as adults and not reality TV trash.  There is a reasonable amount of “sane” in the Royal Family, it just missed Messer Harry and Meghan.

Meghan had the gall to admit that she would have liked to remain within the family “fold” as security for her son. Archie deserves a title. That of course led immediately to the flavor of the decade accusation aka racism. The favorite narrative when one does not get what one wants. Allegedly, before he was born, Archie’s skin color was being debated as a concern in the Royal household. Only the goddess of Prime Time TV, the one and only Oprah is privy to the royal racist. The royal dynamic duo was careful to state that neither the Queen nor Prince Philip were the racists. How convenient. It works well as an open-door excuse for possible re-admission through the palace’s golden gates and treasure. “Hey Grandma and Grandpa, I said that you were swell, only the others in the family were racist scumbags.” According to the Associated Press, Meghan was “complimentary” to the Queen. I’m sure Her Majesty got her appetite back.

Harry, the poor schmuck admitted that leaving the Royals was not his choice, but thank God for his dear wife who “opened” his eyes to the trap he was in. We should all be that “trapped”. He admitted to no current relationship with his elder brother William, possibly because the latter told him to f—k off. He also does not seem to have a good relationship with his father. Again, possibly because he told his son to grow up and get a job.

I’m not a die hard Royalist but the Queen has managed to rise above the fray of what her dumb kids have put her through these past few decades. She deserves better than these two ingrates throwing mud at her house. She deserves better than her family being dragged through the mud by an opportunist actor and an ungrateful grandson. These two miserable 30 something pinheads lived on taxpayers’ money without remorse. They spent millions on decorating a new home courtesy of the Crown which they never lived in. They were granted millions in resources to keep them in their titles and comfortable. Like any business: one gets paid for fulfilling one’s obligations.  In the midst of a pandemic and high unemployment, listening to their whining is not only painful but offensive.  They need to be taken behind the woodshed and horse whipped.

The Meghans and Harries of this world are entitled leeches. They don’t contribute. They just take. They don’t produce anything but inhale valuable air from the rest of us. They are parasites in a world that seems to enjoy listening to parasites. They will vilify anyone who disagrees with them. They will elevate themselves to martyrdom. Selfishness and self-worth are predominate objectives in their lives. They live in a bubble created by their own self-importance. They kick the hand that feeds them because they have never gone hungry. They are self-appointed champions of the downtrodden without ever being one themselves.  Like a well-oiled Teflon pan, they expect the pain they inflict on others to slide off their backs. They expect a handout without accountability.

None of us knows what goes on behind closed doors, which includes Buckingham Palace: but we all know that living in a palace with a yearly stipend just because your last name is Windsor can’t be all that bad.  We are all aware that Royalty is not for the timid. Marrying into the Family should not be taken lightly. Ms. Markle was not a teenager when she took the Royal plunge and agreed to the pomp and circumstance. She came into the deal with eyes wide open.  She wanted the fame without the responsibility.  Press and publicity go hand in hand with being a public figure and a member of the elite. If she didn’t desire the attention, she should have married a cashier at Aldi and not a prince at Buckingham Palace.

One thing I must thank Harry and Meghan for: for a brief two hours of stupid we forgot about COVID, lockdowns, vaccines, and daily political crap. For two hours we immersed ourselves in a Netflix soap opera worthy of an Emmy. We rolled our eyes and realized that despite our miserable existence of regular folk, we are saner than most, and our families are not that bad after all. Eventually this story like Diana’s and Charles’ infidelity revelations some 30 years ago will be put aside in the wings waiting for some butler or maid who “was there” to tell it all. Eventually, these two entitled ungrateful clowns will only be a caricature in a gossip magazine on a Supermarket shelf. That day can’t come too soon.

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