The imploding Democratic Party


Poor Joe Biden.  Another fallen victim to the #MeToo movement. They are out to get another “white privileged” male.   ‘Uncle” Joe is in trouble; even Madam Pelosi warned him to “stop being so touchy-feely”. Mark my words, moderate Democrats are slowly and systematically being replaced by the new loony left.  The new socialist generation who are short on history and long on ignorant rhetoric.  But back to Uncle Joe.  Can anyone imagine JFK or FDR in today’s political “gotcha” climate? The women’s movement would have had a field day with both men.  JFK had a virtual White House revolving door for floozies, and by what I have read, FDR was no better.  I can almost forgive FDR because from what I’ve seen, Eleanor was no  Marylyn Monroe. 

Years ago the American voter seemed to differentiate between the politician and the man.  Ladies we might have come a long way baby but we have also turned into whiny pain in the asses.  For the life of me I cannot understand the dual entitlement that this generation of women demand.  Equality with benefits.  We want to be in a man’s world that suits our gentle sensibilities.  It is beyond annoying.  It is excruciatingly painful to watch.  We demand to be taken seriously but do not have the grit to tell a man to fuck off when he gets stupid.  Women accept male manipulation to get ahead but then cry foul years later.  Hollywood comes to mind. The myriad of actresses who had very little problem with Harvey Weinstein launching them into stardom. Their morality was conveniently put on the back burner of their rising careers.  Their activism dormant in anticipation of a hit movie. Oh, yes the awakening of the Hollywood conscience was alarming.

Now we get into politics and the sudden surge in female values.  The female politician incensed by Joe Biden’s “affections”. What a crock. How are voters to take these females seriously?  Their fragility on demand will only take us so far. They want to become our leaders, even presidents. Somehow I can’t imagine them going against Russia or Iran.  Putin’s bare chest and knowing Cossack smile suddenly comes to mind.

Democrats Amy Lappos and Lucy Flores are supposed to represent the new generation of kick-ass political women. Women who have risen from the ashes of the 60’s women’s movement.  Instead they conveniently wait in the wings until an election is on the horizon. Then they make pathetic allegations against one of their own.  I am no fan of Joe Biden the politician.  He is the bookend to another idiot, Dan Quayle.  He often thinks and speaks through the recesses of his prostate. But he is like that old relative who tells the same joke at every family gathering and gets a laugh because he is harmless.  Joe Biden is a good man. If these two females had an “episode” with him they could have told him to knock it off years ago, and not waited until his name is almost on a ballot.  What exactly do they have against this man? These two fools are supported by no other than the left wing ethnically undecided, Elizabeth Warren.  Remember her? Another genius of the far left who has the gall to go after Joe when she has been the most disingenuous woman on the planet.  This woman feeds on malcontent.  She creates nothing.  She salivates on taking what is mine. She hopes to save the world but only for the chosen few. 

The Democratic Party has been hijacked by lunatics, bigots, socialists, and idiots.  Biden’s spokesman Bill Russo is another gem. He went after the proverbial “right wing trolls”. What a surprise.  Isn’t there a Democrat with some imagination? Why don’t you go after your party’s kooks, Bill?  That irks the crap out of me.  In 1994, Hillary tried to blame her husband’s untimely blow job on a Republican conspiracy.  Right!  Let us blame accusations by two Democrats on “right wing trolls”.  Forrest Gump was correct, stupid is as stupid does.  The Democrats seems to be doing quite well in screwing themselves up without any help from the far right.

The party of Truman, JFK, and FDR is slowly morphing into the party of Fidel Castro.  Serious moderate Democrats are being pushed aside in lieu of fanatical pseudo intellectual socialist morons.  No one is in charge. In the past 10 years, and thanks to Mr. Obama, the Messiah,  the party shifted toward socialist and politically correct agendas rather than sustainability.  Democratic cities are rife in crime, poverty, and greedy entitlements.  Chicago, Detroit, and Baltimore come to mind. Held by Democrats for years, they have raised a constituency that thrives on welfare and hopelessness. Some areas have been turned into war zones unprotected by an impotent police force afraid to intercede for fear of repercussions. How these cities keep on voting these clowns in is beyond me.

Democrats support a Women’s Movement run by the three most vicious, vile, and bigoted anti-Semite females in the country. Friends to Farrakhan, another charmer who makes the KKK look like the PTA.  Democrat’s freedom of speech is conveniently evoked only if it is anti-Trump, anti- conservative, anti pro life, anti Christian, and in recent months, anti Israel.  Four months into the biggest win in Congress, the Democrats have managed to accomplish squat. Their agenda has been the Mueller report, hatred for Trump, impeachment of Trump, going after Trump’s family, going after Trump’s assets, indicting Trump,  and for good measure hating Trump one more time.  The Trump Derangement Syndrome is alive and well in the Democratic Party. 

So why are we surprised that poor Uncle Joe is thrown under the bus?  He is dispensable.  He is the proverbial white privileged.  The unclean.  As the insane unfolds before our very eyes,  the opposition should wait quietly in the wings.  Politicians fail to understand that normal Americans have a way of assessing crazy.  The East and West Coast may make the loudest noise, but middle America sits quietly and waits.  It is evident that there is no longer any significant leadership in the Democratic party. I almost feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi. She should call Theresa May for comfort because they are both ineffectual in their respective parties and government. Anarchy and visceral hatred will only be tolerated for so long. Sane Americans can only take so much crap.  Democrats were indirectly responsible for electing Trump in 2016, and if they are not careful, their crazy will elect him again in 2020.   

Socialist Greed & the loony left


Yea it is time for a tirade.  When is the Democratic Party disassociating itself from socialists and the loony left.?  Once the proud party that defied and won against Nazism, Fascism, and even sent man on the moon, has been reduced to a continuous episode of Homer Simpson.  Duh! There are still Democrats upholding principles found in the Constitution, but they are few and far between. Regretfully, they are being bullied by the new loony left faction of the party.  The dominant and prominent loons are Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib. The four musketeers of socialism, anti-Semitism, and  greed.  Yes folks, the loony left is greedy.

The United States is a Constitutional  Republic and not a  Democracy.  Surprised? I suppose it irks the pinheads above to no end.  The fundamental differences between a Constitutional Republic and a Democracy are founded in the philosophy and definition of both types of governments.  A Democracy is defined as a system ruled by the majority, “allowing any individual and group of individuals composing any minority, that have no protection against the power of the majority.” A Constitutional Republic has a written constitution of “basic rights that protect minority from being unrepresented or abused by the majority”. (  This was the reason why our founders had enough foresight and intellect to create the Electoral College, an instrument that protected  smaller and rural states voters from being overruled by the highly populated urban areas and states. The check and balances of a Republic.  The cry to abolish the Electoral College is simply a futile and insidious attempt by the highly populated ultra liberal states on the east and west coast to impose their will on the rest of us.  But I digress.

Add a socialist agenda to a Democracy and you end up with chaos disguised as justice.  I will cut some slack to the three idiotic women mentioned above because they have not lived long enough to remember Communism or the Cold War.  I have socks older than they are.  But Bernie Sanders is another story.  He is an enigma to me because he has been on this earth longer than I have, and I remember Eisenhower as President! What is his excuse? Unless Vermont was somehow sheltered from Walter Cronkite or any other mainstream media, he ought to know and remember how socialism operated.  He should remember the pain and suffering Eastern Europe was under for more than 40 years.  As a matter of fact some former Eastern Bloc countries have yet to completely recover.  The Berlin Wall was not built to keep people out (as some idiots have you to believe when they compare it to Trump’s “wall), the wall was to keep people in.  People attempting to escape across the wall were shot. 134 of them to be exact. Venezuela is the latest casualty to socialism.  So what drives the loony left toward socialism? The answer is quite simple; greed.  Greed, you say?

Socialists are greedy bastards. They want what they cannot get on their own.  A good example of such greed is the constraint on property rights.  A social democracy can limit those rights and take over property if the government deems it unworthy that an individual should have it.  A Constitutional Republic prohibits interfering with property rights.  What is yours is yours.  Socialism is built on the false pretense of equality.  Equality through greed and avarice.  I want it and deserve what you have because I am your equal and therefore you must share it with me. The mantra of the loony left: free, free, free.  Margaret Thatcher said it well; “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.” In this case our money.  There is no such thing as a free lunch, someone always pays for it.  According to socialism the “rich” must pay for it.  But now we must define “rich”.  Ms. Ocasio Cortez or AOC as she is so fondly referred to, has put $10 million as the magic “rich” number.  You cannot earn more than that because we will tax you until you drop. According to AOC no one should be allowed to have more. Who needs more? I would like to know how Pelosi, Gore, Clinton, and the rest of her Democratic millionaire buddies feel about that.  What happens when the “rich” are no longer rich?  I would love to ask her that question but I would have to endure her banal answer.

Socialism creates nothing.  It just takes from others.  Why are socialists so eager to make everyone poorer?  Why are they against successful people who create our jobs and better our lives? Why are socialists miserable? And why would I want to share their obvious misery? Socialists are inherently greedy.  They yearn to have mine, yours, and ours. I do not believe their equality narrative, because those in charge never give up what they have, but force me to give up mine.  I have never seen a poor socialist leader. I would love to see Al gore endorse AOC’s “green deal”. Say good bye to your private jets, Hummers, and mansions Mr. Gore. Oh, and forget your royalties from your inane global warming books. Those dollars will melt away as easy as the melting glaciers you predicted in 2012. Nancy Pelosi might want to consider donating her winery and property and distribute her wealth as our former president advocated and the current pinheads want.  What about Bernie Sanders who owns half of Vermont, maybe he would share his good fortune with the likes of us?  Unless born with a silver spoon in your mouth, or inherited your wife’s fortune ala Al Gore, most of us have worked hard for what we have earned.  I refuse to share my years of hard work with some free loading scumbag who refuses to go through the same crap I went through.

So what’s the beef social democrats?  Why so bent on ruining what America was so uniquely great at: self-sufficiency?  Why drive Amazon out of town when they were prepared to pay six figure salaries to 70% blacks and minorities in Queens?  But hey, this was AOC’s finest moment. She was all smiles because she “won”. What an idiot! Amazon was ready to provide 25,000 jobs to a major city in desperate need of a boost in business. And to think that people in Queens voted for this moron. The same people she had no problem shafting.

Taking trips to former East Berlin in the 70’s and 80’s was an eye opener for all of us Western elite.  You could not find a fresh fruit or vegetable if your life depended on it.  Long human lines were everywhere.  Housewives stood in line without knowing what they were lining up for.  The idea was that if there was a line, then there must be something at the end of the line that was not available the day before.  Even if you did not need it you bought it anyway.  On one of my many trips to East Berlin, I stood in line in a store with the best of them.  I inquired about a small pair of boy’s pants for my nephew.  The rack only carried one size and I needed a different size.  My request was met with an abrupt unsmiling face (no one smiled in East Germany, probably they were prohibited from doing so) and a persuasive “nein”. An older lady behind me explained that whatever was on the shelves was normally what was available. “Suppose you want another size?” I inanely asked. “You wait” came the reply.  I asked her how long they would wait.  She shrugged, who knows, a day, a week, a year; you get the gist.  East Germans waited 15 years to get a Trabi. A vehicle made out of recycled material that ran on an alcohol based fuel that stunk to high heaven and back.  The joke went like this: a man ordered his vehicle from the central office.  He was given a 15 year delivery date.  He asked the clerk if it would be delivered in the morning or the afternoon on that day.  The clerk asked why.  The man replied that he had an appointment for a plumber that same afternoon! And this is AOC and Bernie’s dream for us! Dream on morons.

The Democratic party is now a parody.  Three months  into leading congress and nothing to show for it but inane investigations that go nowhere.  We have been at it for three years. We could have paid for a wall around the country with the billions spent on this crap. They have gone after Trump’s campaign, university, daughter, wife, and if he had a dog, they would have gone after him too.  They would offer immunity to the White House gardener if they thought he could dig some dirt up.  They would make great editors in chief of the National Inquirer.  In the meantime, they allow the likes of  Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib to trash Israel and Jews, and the certifiable AOC to threaten and bully decent people in her own party with McCarthyism tactics if they do not go along with her crazy ideas.  It is an Alice in Wonderland moment.  She puts the Mad Hatter to shame.

The Democratic party and Nancy Pelosi needs to cut these idiots loose.  Let them form their own loony left party.  They can call it the new Socialist Democratic Party or whatever flavor of the month they chose. After all they love to brag how socialist they are.  Better still, send them on a congressional fact finding trip to Venezuela.  One way ticket only please!

The pope’s summit – another Vatican boondoggle

"A publicity stunt": Why some doubt Pope Francis' Vatican summit on systemic sex abuse

“A publicity stunt”: Why some doubt Pope Francis’ Vatican summit on systemic sex abuse

The Vatican’s summit on sexual abuse is over.  Hold the presses and your breath.  How long has this shit been going on? This pope, who I must admit, I do not like, has been responsible for concealing information on scumbag priests who for years molested the vulnerable and the young.  This man disguised as the champion on human rights has the gall to lecture the US on the border fence, but is yet to admit that he was partially responsible for the proliferation of abuse by “men of the cloth”. Now, he wants to talk about it.  Right.

I have always reiterated that I love my faith but often dislike my church.  That has grown since the outbreak of disturbing news on abuse.  Abuse perpetrated by men who were held in esteem by children, parishioners, and lay ministers.  For years, parishes have allowed these men to prey on innocent altar boys and young girls, and as we have found out of late; even nuns.  Try to approach any Catholic clergy on the subject of women in the priesthood, and the curtain goes down faster than on a bad late night stand up comic.  The tongue-in-cheek explanation on women’s role in the church has been reduced to the male holistic one track mind that men are the center of the Catholic faith universe.  I will not even go into the mundane and now so familiar rhetoric of how traditionally, the apostles were men.  Go figure.  Two thousand years ago a man could buy a woman for two cows and a camel.  Does the Vatican find that adequately traditional as well? 

This pope, which I refuse to even mention his name, is an oddity and not in a good way.  His idea of women’s rights in the Catholic church amounts to telling mothers that they can nurse in the pews. How thoughtful.  I am sure that with the current sexual ripple of perversity, that gesture is true progress in the war against sexual abuse!  In the meantime, the church is suffering from the lowest attendance  and lowest number of vocations to the priest hood.  Of course, in today’s “judge first” than investigate later #MeToo world, no man in his right mind would even dream of joining anything that might expose him even minutely to allegations.  And to be fair, some of the current accusations against priests have not been fully investigated, but the reputational damage has already been done.

Whenever I attempt a discussion (and always a heated one) with one of our local priests on the subject of women and priesthood, I get the same talking points from the same playbook.  Tradition.  The apostles. Women have other roles.  You get the gist.  The same bullshit we have been listening to for years.  Yet every Sunday we pray for men’s vocations.  What hypocrisy. What about women’s  vocations?  What about young girls who aspire to serve the church as priests?  Where in the New Testament is written that only men can serve?  Oh yes, I forgot, the apostles were men. Christ did not ask any of his women folk to follow him. What nonsense. In the meantime, the church bemoans its diminishing popularity. You think?

The Vatican can kill two birds with one stone.  Ordain women, and stop celibacy.  The former will increase vocations and servitude to the Lord, and the latter will surely eliminate most of the sexual abuse, and also increase vocations to boot.  Of course, one must also admit that the pedophiles who harmed children would still remain pedophiles regardless of their status. 

I refuse to keep on praying for more men in the church.  I am praying to God to make his leading shepherd, aka the pope, to wake up and realize the implications of paternal stubbornness in continuing to refuse women to the priesthood and priests to marry.  An unescapable insidious irony is the pope’s latest trip to rich Dubai. He found comfort in embracing the Imam and expressing unity and understanding under one God.  Really?  He has empathy with Islam?  A faith regarded as the most abusive against women, girls, and gays.  He should have been in Iran this week when the Imams publicly hung two young men for being gay.  Would he also consider embracing those sons of bitches as united under one God? Is that something he wants to have in common with Islam? Frankly, I have no wish to have their kind of god in my life.

I am still confused about this summit which was led by none other than Maltese Archbishop Caruana.    He is the head investigator.  The sexual abuse inquisitor so to speak.  His role is as vague as the summit itself. Was it an investigatory summit or a training session? As part Maltese, I know that although the Catholic Church in Malta is very powerful, the young generation of Maltese have stopped attending.  Most of the reasons are basically the same like that of the rest of the world.  The abuse of children, and allowing male priests to continue their totalitarian hold on communities that include schools, convents, and politics.  I do not know Archbishop Caruana, but I am hoping that Maltese tenacity will help him decipher between a serious attempt at bringing to justice church perverts or just a papal publicity stunt. 

There is a special hell for anyone who abuses the weak and the vulnerable.  A recent article noted that the abuse had extended to assault on young nuns. Often forced to have sex and then equally forced to have abortions to cover up cassock indiscretions.  Something out of a sordid mediaeval  novel. Torrid and evil.  As always, the man may be the villain but the woman ends up paying the price.  The problem with sex turned bad is that the woman always ends up with the short end of the stick (excuse the vulgar pun).  Whether rape, incest, or consensual, the sexual act has more impact on the female than the male.  He walks away sated and she is left with whatever she is left with.  Celibate priests and monks  felt the need and the nuns were available.  Very convenient.  Children were more vulnerable because they were frightened.  Most attended parochial schools run by Jesuit priests.  The intellectuals of the Catholic church. Which is not  a surprise to discover that allegedly Jesuits seem to make up for the majority of sex offenders.  I guess they were thinking with their dicks not their heads. Most of the boys were young altar boys without recourse to divulge the abuse to anyone. Sends bile to one’s throat.

The Catholic Church is going through a public relations nightmare.  This is worse than Bill Cosby and Jeff Bezos combined.  It is rocking the church’s very foundation of trust, truth, and faith.  The summit albeit vague, was supposed to be training church leaders on how to prevent sex abuse.  What a load of crap.  If the Vatican really wants to drain the swamp, it must open its doors to all the faithful and not the interpreted chosen few.  Let the air out of the gender bubble and allow women and young girls to answer their call to sacramental service.  Allow good men with families to serve as priests and servants of the Lord.  Dismantle the empire and build a true united church of Christ and his followers.   

In the meantime we must endure the appearance of action by the Vatican in the hope of appeasing us malcontents.  Catholics have the right to demand more of their church and especially of their pope.  His gratuitous lip service has become as meaningless and annoying as his pandering to the flavor of the month activism.  I have very little time and patience with this man and with every other promotable ‘man of the cloth’.  Faith has very little to do with tradition.  I will keep the faith, but I will never subject myself to the twisted thought that married men or women are somehow less godlike than celibate men. How has celibacy worked so far? It is an insult to everyone’s intelligence.

We only had  a “summit” because the pontiff got caught with his hand in the cover-up cookie jar.  Now he wants to listen to ‘the cry of the young who want justice”.   If it wasn’t so abhorrently sad it would be ludicrous.  One last thought: the pope is said not to expect any “miracles” from this summit. How insidiously obtuse! Thank you pontiff, you sure know how to restore our faith in you and our church!

Did you know that Mary Poppins was racist? Ask The New York Times!

Just when I thought that the world could not get any crazier, I was proven wrong again.  Stupid that I am, I never considered Mary Poppins and Bert  as racists. But that was then and this is now.  Thank God for the New York Times for setting me straight.  Daniel Pollack-Pelzner of The New York Times wrote an article devoted entirely to the nuances of Travers’ s racist implications in writing Mary Poppins.  The article went right to the heart of the racist nanny: ‘Mary Poppins’ and a Nanny’s Shameful Flirting with Black Face”. Who can resist not reading such an expose? According to Daniel, the black powdering up of Mary’s face in the ‘Step in Time dance’ was a “caricature” statement of South Africans.   Gee, and to think that for more than 50 years  most of us assumed it was  a dance routine about London chimney sweeps.  Well, thank you Daniel for setting me and the rest of the world straight.  Now I can get on with my life knowing that Mary and Bert premeditatedly and insidiously put on black faces as a racist gesture.  And here I thought it was just a typical Disney corny song and dance.   What do I know?

Daniel gives great detail alleging that the original book had to be edited to remove Travers’s racial innuendo.  Whatever. We must all be dense as  brick walls, because I am certain that for the past 50 plus years, no ethnic group or skin color ever realized  or gave second thought to any racial undertones in Mary Poppins.  But then people had an ounce of common sense whereas now they all drink the Koolaid.  The all too familiar social apologetic New York Times is no exception.  For generations of movie goers, mostly families, no one seemed to care that the dancing  chimney sweeps had black faces. That’s because parenting and education was such that logic dictated chimney sweeps would eventually get black sooty faces.  Same as miners.  Wonder how long it is going to take before going after them too? But as I said; that was then and this is now.  A time where social justice and activism has been elevated to another kind of stupid.  

How has American society arrived to a mental black hole sans logic and relatively inane?  The “black face” domino effect seemed to have taken a life of its own.  Whether past entertainers and entertainment was scathingly intentionally racial is possibly and probably true.  No one denies that.  However, I wish to believe that America has moved past ignorant biases and is more compassionate and reasonable than 50 years ago.  Never forgetting history is different than tweaking the present to fit some offhand unsubstantiated narrative.  How long are we going to stretch the racial rubber band from the past to the present to justify activism? How long are we going to milk the racial card? At what point in time are we going to move on?  How much more can we lower our capacity to think logically or at all?

The Pandora’s box on sensitivity and offense has  now been ripped wide open revealing a gaping hole of extremism and leftist lunacy.  If Mary Poppins is the next victim to left loon activism, who is next under the social justice guillotine? Well, I forgot to add that Daniel and The New York Times added Mickey Mouse to the insane “black face” heap of hysteria.  A 1930-ish black and white early cartoon of the iconic mouse was referenced: the mouse had a black face.  Mickey Mouse was also racist. 

Fascism started with the gradual “cleansing” of what some considered inappropriate behavior.  Eventually everything became inappropriate, leaving very little freedom for the rest of the folk.  Fascism dictated one single opinion and restricted freedoms to only one thought.  Sounds familiar? Left wing organizations force their agendas and opinions on the rest of us, expecting us to “conform” to their ideals.  This is forced social justice demanding conformity to their social class.  They consider themselves the moral judges of us all.  They are the upright defenders of righteousness. They are our moral gate keepers.  They want to save us from ourselves.  In the meantime they pick and chose who to save.  Mostly far left causes leave the majority of the population out of the saving range of redemption.  Those of us who are politically middle-of-the road or conservative are not worth saving, because we refuse the drink the mass hysteria and mob Koolaid.  But I digress.

“Journalists” like Daniel must really have time on their hands.  The New York Times, once a prestigious newspaper, is now a caricature of its former self.  Blatantly biased, it offers a platform to pseudo intellectual articles like the one on Mary Poppins.  The Editor in Chief must really be a push over to publish such crap. The newspaper is only good to  fuel the fire of irritating nonsense and partisan inanity. Prestige is out of the window.  If the New York Times  finds Daniel’s ‘nanny’s shameful flirting with black face” story  news worthy, then it lost its ability to be taken seriously and there is no coming back from that kind of stupid.

The latest “black face” debacle started with the Lt Governor of Virginia’s college antics, and continued with an ugly sweater by Gucci.  Both items of contention way down on the list of imperative moments  in our lives.  The farmer in the mid-west and the coal miner in Virginia could care less if a pin head governor painted his face black at a fraternity party at some snooty ivy league school.  Half of the kids who attend those schools are clueless on life anyway, and rely mostly on  mommy and daddy’s pocket book.  I doubt that anyone living from paycheck to paycheck cares that Gucci made a sweater that is as ugly as sin and no one in their right mind would spend $500 on it.  The point is, that social activism seems to have become the tool of the elite.  I do not know or have known anyone who has the time to be an activist.  Normal people have normal jobs and barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning let alone think about Mary Poppins being racist or that Mickey Mouse had a black face 80 years ago.  It is as unimportant and futile as watching   the Academy Awards. Boring and sans any consequential impact on our lives.

I have come to the conclusion that we have now developed another social class to American society.  The activists.  A self absorbed individual social class distinctively above others  in morality.  They are the new social philosophers.  You know, bullshit artists. These are the marching men and women who live for a cause.  They use every waking moment thinking of a cause and ways to torture us with stupid.  Whatever the flavor of the month might be.  Sexual harassment, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter, white privilege, and now “black face”.   They do not need an excuse to portray themselves as society’s martyrs.  They carry the banner of victimization for others, while leaving half of society behind as unworthy.  They consider themselves the intellectual elite.  They have a monopoly on our well being.  In the meantime, they join organizations like the anti-Semite BDS  or call those who do not agree with them deplorable, uneducated, racist, bigots, and dare I say it: stupid.  They are in a social class of their own.  Professional activists whose mission in life is to find something wrong with theirs and inadvertently make their discontent our business.

Besides elevating dumb to another level, Mr. Pelzner and The New York Times managed to ruin Mary Poppins forever.  How can we enjoy “Step in Time” knowing full well that it was a conspiracy against South Africans?  Go figure. 

Looking forward to summer: I need some global warming right now

Oh the joys of winter. We are methodically and slowly being buried in snow, which makes our disposition a little testy.  An overnight snow storm has not let up and even our German neighbors who are prone to shoveling snow at the first flake, have given up and decided to call it a day.  On a day like today I would like to take all global warming minions and bury them in my back yard, hoping that when they eventually emerge in the thaw they will be less apt to remain dire activists.

Activism of any kind can be annoying, and I find nothing more irritating than the holier than though arrogant climate change aficionado. Anyone lived long enough to remember any climate being so drastically different than it is right now?  Sometimes warmer and sometimes colder. Makes no difference, because we tend to bitch about it any way. And if they are so intellectual superior, they should realize that rivers, seas, mountains, lakes, and anything that erodes will eventually change topography and weather.  And to think that I have no graduate or doctorate scientific shingle hanging on my door! Maybe it is the cold, or the incessant snow, but I am getting very dubious of the global warming and climate change mantra.  Maybe because I am a business woman or because there is always an angel and it is generally money, that I am suspicious. The global warming/climate change dialogue is a billion dollar industry, and as Jerry McGuire once said: “follow the money”. 

I can follow the money directly to pinheads like Al Gore and Michael Moore. Both have done well for themselves as global warming alarmists.  Al Gore owns mansions, flies in private jets, and has several gas guzzling automobiles.  All fossil fueled. Al Gore’s predications of a 2012 glacial Armageddon fizzled out into nothing, almost like his 2000 election bid against George Bush did.  High expectations and little to show for it.  The dialogue had to change from global warming to climate change in the hope of keeping his activism financially viable.  He was successful at that.

An environmental industry has definitely sprung.  A good example, and one which I know much about is the automobile hybrid industry. The hybrid industry exemplifies the nebulous environmental movement. Hybrids are the “orange is the new black” of the EPA which has gone after the automobile industry with a vengeance. Hybrids have given a peace offering, a gesture, and a “that a boy” to the government as the industry looks for new marketing opportunities and less government interference.

Hybrids are a combination of battery and benzene. Combustion and electricity.  The models are extremely expensive because this battery/petrol combination must harmonize without diminishing performance, safety, or power.  Batteries are mounted on the rear axle and charging cables are used to charge the batteries overnight, or if lucky at a public charging port.  If the vehicle had to run on battery alone it would not go further than 20 miles.  Therefore, the vehicle is generally operating as a combination.  Now comes the moment of truth. The truth most environmentalists are not eager to divulge is that the battery takes approximately seven hours of electracy to charge, depending on the model and size of the engine.  When charged at home, it requires a special heavy duty mounted outlet that can take the battery’s large capacity  and surge.  This is not a kitchen outlet for a toaster or a coffee pot.  Depending on how many times a week one charges the battery, it will impact both the usage and cost of utilities.

Hybrids are becoming popular because the US government is giving a one-time tax deductible incentive of I believe $5,000, in the hope that more consumers will bite into the scheme. Do not fool yourselves: the car manufacturer is getting tax breaks as well. There is no free lunch here. The government is not exactly forthright with consumers either, because charging these batteries can use up to 30 hours a week in electricity.  Eventually the hybrid owner will realize that he or she is using more fossil fuel than the average Joe and his combustion engine. 

Hybrids cost at least 24% more than vehicles with combustion engines. Realistically they do very little for the environment because unless one takes the $80,000 plus hybrid only down the street and back, the vehicle must use battery and combustion to go further.  So why the popularity? Because this generation loves to feel good about themselves.  Because we are bombarded by the Al Gore’s of this world who feed us a narrative, and we are either too ignorant or lazy to dispute. Because it is the popular thing to do, like bath tub gin and the Charleston during prohibition. And because we have been brain washed in believing that we are saving the planet from the big bad oil companies.  You know, like the ones Al Gore was so friendly with when he was Vice President.

So on a day like today, I have difficulty reasoning global warming. The fact that it is snowing, cold, and I really want it to be summer dwells a little on my mind.  Today I yearn for a smidgen of global warming.  I want all the white stuff to dissolve. How can I take global warming seriously when Eskimos are building igloos in my back yard?  There are still exceptions. Some pinhead on a major news network was asked about the current arctic cold weather in places like Chicago.  The Polar or Arctic Vortex, whatever it’s called. His answer? Wait for it…if you said global warming off the top of your head you should go to the head of the class.  Brace yourselves for the explanation. It seems that because the arctic is allegedly warming up, the cold air was suddenly dispersed and it had no place to go but south to North America and Europe. How convenient. Cannot make this up.  It took the pinhead 20 minutes to put the global warming spin on this crap.  At least he did not blame Donald Trump for it, but I am sure given air time, he could stretch that string far enough if he tried.  I blame Al Gore for  the morphing from global warming to climate change. When the earth did not melt away in 2012 he had to change the script to remain relevant.  After all no one can argue that climate often changes and sometimes drastically.  Ask the  dinosaurs.

As I sit and watch the falling snow,  I realize that I am in Bavaria, and snow is second nature to this region.  Further down from us in Garmisch, people had to be dug out of their homes as snow piled feet high on the roofs.  This is a region where winters are long, cold, and harsh.  Not many Germans are discussing climate change at the moment, but I am sure that most are looking forward to spring, summer, and warmth. Global or otherwise. But for now, we curse the weather and we go about our business.  Where’s the snow shovel?

Neutralizing the American male

I am so glad that my father passed away some thirty years ago because he would have certainly not survived in today’s conforming world. He was brash, often vulgar, and scathingly critical of fools. When my mother described someone “nice”, my father’s brisk reply would be, “He’s a fool”. My dad did not have much patience with weakness especially in men. He loved us kids and my mother immensely but as a typical man of his times, he was raised to walk a straight line and take care of a family without reservations. He was what we used to call “a real man”.

In my childhood, real men smelled of cigarettes, pipe tobacco, and Old Spice. They wore a suit and tie to work, and often a hat. They opened doors for ladies, led ladies to their seats, and stood up when a lady walked in. Our real men protected women and “brought home the bacon” often working at two jobs to support their families. They were proud, stoic, strong, and eventually taught their sons to be the same way. It was called raising your son “right”. Taking care of the “women folk” was not a myth. “Women and children first” was the cry of men in any disaster. Tell that to the #MeToo movement!

We are walking perilously on a precipice of brain degradation instigated by pinhead psychologists and social philosophers. Nothing is sacred to this generation of pseudo intellectual idiots, including religion, family, or discipline. They are bent on making us believe that what we had known as good or normal is now an abomination. There latest sordid attempt is to have us believe that behaving like a man within the masculinity of man’s gender is conducive to limiting “males’ psychological development”. In my father’s own words: what a bunch of fools.

A January 10, 2019, article by Fiza Pirani of The Atlanta-Journal-Constitution left me speechless (which is an anomaly in itself). It seems that the American Psychological Association (APA) released “guidelines” on how men can prevent “gender role conflict”. Whatever that means. According to a “study” by these intellectual idiots, the male gender goes into conflict at a very early age, because young boys are lead into a stereotypical life style that could promote sexual harassment, bullying, homophobia and other “disruptive” behaviors. Cannot make this crap up if I tried. Of course they do not mention the fact that some 70% of young boys especially in minority groups are raised without fathers, do not know their fathers, and are often raised by grandparents. I wonder if they studied this phenomenon?

In days of old when men were bold and women enjoyed their femininity; mothers (foolish that they were), raised boys in pants, allowed them to climb trees, often be obnoxious, and later slapped respect in them. This was obviously flawed upbringing because according to the APA, these actions exposed their male off springs to “rigid gender norms” that often led to depression in adulthood. They defined this drivel as “masculinity ideology”. I was depressed reading it. Thank God that all those soldiers who sacrificed their lives in both WW I and WWII were “gender conflicted” or we would be marching to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles! I bet it was the “constellation of standards” that urged them to risk their lives for our freedom. But I digress.

Generations ago we taught our kids about life at an early age. The death of a pet, failing at an exam, or not making it on a school team; suck it up and move on. Better still, do better. You want to drive a fancy car like the rich dude down the street? Study hard and make good at your job. “Dreamers” were not illegal aliens jumping a fence at the Mexican border. They were hard working families who believed in the American dream. The dream that would come to reality with perseverance, and yes, often good luck. But we quit teaching kids discipline, fortitude, integrity, and fundamental survival. Instead from infancy we led them to believe that they were God’s gift to mankind without responsibility or accountability. That hard work was somehow beneath them. Henceforth we have a bunch of six-figure student-loan-debt- ridden graduate intellectuals busing tables at Starbucks. A generation of social activist morons. I digress again.

The “masculinity ideology” took a life of its own when Gillette (the razor company) unveiled a commercial with a “message”. Call me stupid, but having been married, and also raised in a family with three men, I can assure you that all these guys ever wanted in a razor was a sharp shave and the sincere hope that they would not cut their faces to shreds. But Gillette took marketing to another level. They wanted to teach the American males a lesson in liberating themselves from their “narrow roles” as men. This capitulation to the now banal #MeToo movement has reached epidemic proportions and in my humble opinion should be considered gender bigotry. Unfortunately, the #MeToo is another organization hijacked by radicals and morphed into #Insane.

Gillette wants their consumers to be “The Best a man can get”. Watching the commercial is as riveting as watching grass grow. Gillette is now the self proclaimed psychological social mentor of the American male, teaching him not to be inherently a Neanderthal. But isn’t that why we love men? Because they are Neanderthals. They eat junk, have stinky socks, snore, and are enamored of any sport that entails grunting, sweating, throwing a ball, and often swearing. I do not know any man who would sit for hours watching figure skating. Don’t we want men to be strong and tough? Don’t we want to feel protected by them? Don’t we want to be admired by them? Not according to the APA or Gillette. Men must become sensitive. They must be reined in. Good luck ladies! After watching the Gillette commercial, you can put your make up and hoochy mama dress away because no man in his right mind is coming within a foot of you. And if this male bashing escalates, you will soon be signing a pre-date agreement before you attempt your first “hi” let alone your first smooch!

I am sure that there are men who deserve to be castrated without anesthesia. But when a razor company feels compelled to send a social “message” to sell its product, we are on the brink of ludicrous and inane. When we give credulity to “masculinity ideology”, we are a step away from insanity. At this point I desperately need some “real man” time. I have the perfect solution. A single malt, a Cuban cigar, and Paul Newman. What a perfect “masculinity ideology” combination.

Pirani, F. January 10, 2019. ‘Traditional masculinity’ deemed harmful, could lead to sexual harassment, medical group says. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The dieting boondoggle

I confess that I have joined the diet elite. Forget Weight Watchers, Atkins, or any other flavor of the year conspiracy that convinces us that we are fat and socially unacceptable. The all new rave is now Keto. You are either socially in or out. The new kid on the block. Keto is based on the premise that if we starve our bodies from carbs, we will burn fat. That is the short version. Whatever.

The diet is allegedly used medically to control epilepsy in children. But like anything else in a vibrant market economy, and a society hung up on itself, keto found itself in mainstream social media as the latest miracle since the parting of the sea. It is well marketed and the hook and net is thrown wide into the troubled waters of incredulity and diet hopelessness with agility and finesse. You are reeled in gently. I decided to bite. I took on the bait. I entered my personal data online, and lo and behold “Sarah” sent me my daily requirements of caloric, fat, and carb intake. I was thrilled. Then came the life sustaining diagram of the absolutely no-way foods, in-small- quantity foods, and all-you-can-eat without regret foods. I quickly learned that one should not eat anything grown under the ground, drink alcohol with color, imbibe on bread, rice, grains, bright colored fruits and vegetables; you get the picture. It is going to be exciting.

Going through the grocery store is now an adventure. Short of asking a vegetable if it was grown underground, I look at everything as a measurement of sugar content lest I go over my 30 grams a day allotment. I am from the Mediterranean, and not cooking with onions or garlic (underground) is blasphemous and tasteless. But I pulled myself together and looked into the small Ketogenic fine print mantra to discover that one small white onion is within my limit of underground food. Alleluia! I wistfully look at the sweet potatoes and turn my head in stoic disciplined memories of butter and Gruyere cheese pleasantly oozing out of one of them baked to perfection. Heaven waits for me just for this sacrifice.

Penance in aid of ketogenic happiness and well being is forgoing bread, which living in Germany is equivalent to not breathing. Just when I thought I had mastered the art of omission I receive a “hi and hello” from keto “Sarah” who wants desperately to give me a meal plan. I figured why not? I have come this far why not take on the whole enchilada. I want to be fully immersed and fulfilled. And as fast as I can spell keto, the diet boondoggle raised its pointed head. The meal plan costs $240, but I have a good deal at $221. How generous of “Sarah”. I decided to un-friended both keto and “Sarah”. I do not need a meal plan to tell me that I cannot cook with anything “below ground” or that has sugar in it.

The diet conspiracy raised its ugly had in the 1980’s when we were brainwashed into thinking that unless we are shaped like embryos we are unattractive and fat. Models started to appear on fashion runways looking like zombies, and equally unattractive. I am not advocating obesity, but body structure accounts for body shape. God created man in His own image or so we were taught. So who am I to tell the Almighty that He might need a make over because society thinks He might be fat. Let’s face it, there are folk who even starved would be considered over weight by today’s standards. The medical community is as much to blame. We went through a roller coaster of misinformation about fat, eggs, cholesterol, and now carbs. We were going to die if we ate eggs, now we are going to die if we eat bread. I have news for you, we are all going to die one time or another. At this rate we should be chewing on water to be on the safe side. It is inane to think that a diet is sustainable unless one is bent on spending the rest of their lives without good food. And please refrain from telling me how making a keto “friendly” bread out of eight eggs and cream cheese is appetizing. Unless medically bound to give up certain foods because of diabetes, epilepsy, allergies, or heart condition; self inflicted diets generally never work.

Eventually, everyone falls off a diet because temptation is too strong, or just because eating a high quantity of one thing over another will eventually play havoc with our insides. Our bodies are complex enough as they are without our tweaking. All these diets are promoted as “scientifically proven” until they are debunked. As we grow older and get on in inevitable years, our bodies take on a life of their own. That is a fact. All the sand starts shifting in our hour-glass figures, some of us more than others, and it usually goes south. Women have a problem with gravity from their breasts down. It is uncanny how from one day to the next a gravitational pull takes our bosoms and mates them with our waists. We can diet till the cows come home because those babies will not budge. We eventually buy larger bras and pull ourselves like cranes building a skyscraper.

But I will persevere with my low carb new life. I have put on a few pounds and keto is my light at the end of the proverbial weight loss tunnel. I am heroically marching on and restraining my wine intake which is as painful as pulling my nails. I love dry red wine. But as I longingly look at the bottles of Baron Rothchild’s Bordeaux, I tell myself that it is all for a good cause. I am preventing my upper body from migrating south. And then just as my will power was slowly ebbing into grabbing a wine goblet, a keto silver lining opened up that saved my very soul. I found out that clear alcohol is permissible in small doses. Thank you God and pass on the whisky!

My favorite TV show

I have a very short attention span. I get bored very easily when watching anything or reading anything. Once favorite TV shows have run their course in my mind, I find them repetitive and currently with an annoying partisan social message that I do not need or want. Consequently I have dropped most from my nightly ritual. Then enters The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. This show is not for the timid and it raises the roof on any conventionality or political correctness. Thank God.

Set in the 1950’s, the show is about New York City’s affluent Jewish community. Miriam “Midge” Maisel is a typical 1950’s woman. Never leaves her home without makeup, hat, gloves, high heels, and nails. She marries Joel Maisel whose father is in the clothing business. They have two kids and live upstairs from her parents’ upper West side apartment. Her father, Abe Weissman, is a mathematics professor at Columbia University. This is the time when Columbia University was thoroughbred and students wore suits and dresses and were not radical pinheads. But I digress.

The show is staunchly Jewish carrying all the stereo typical Jewish traits of drama, money, and self-afflicting jokes. Which brings us back to Midge. Midge’s husband Joel wanted to pursue stand up comedy. In the evening the young couple led a double life. They went to the pseudo night club Gaslight and Joel did his routine which Midge inadvertently wrote. But that is as far as Joel went.

Without divulging the entire story and ruining the series, needless to say, it was Midge who became the stand up comic and performed as Mrs. Maisel. When her husband left her on Yom Kippur, she went to the Gaslight, got drunk, and blew the roof off with a comic routine which was taped illegally and sold on long playing records.

The show is not just fabulous for the clothing, the nostalgia, and the cutting-edge humor; it opens up a window into what being a professional woman was like in the 1950’s. The writers who are of course Jewish, brought out the nuances of women 60 years ago. In one episode, Midge’s mother who was also an art student at Columbia, convinced the women students into transferring to the university’s business school to find men. But as frivolous as that seemed, her message was more scathing. She was questioning women receiving graduate degrees if the only thing they wanted to do was to get married. She was also questioning their aspirations. One of them aspired to be a teacher “maybe at the university” . Really, replied the mother. “Have you ever seen any women professors?” Or something to that effect.

What the show does is bring forward the strength and tenacity of the 1950 woman. Women used their gender to manipulate their lives and shape themselves into whatever they wanted to be. They also rebelled. In today’s hard core militant female world, the 1950 woman would seem to be a weak frivolous thing. But she wasn’t. From the backrooms, kitchens, parlors, and secretarial typing pads, women ruled discreetly and with purpose. They used their gender wisely.

The show is a combination of profanity, comedy, stereo typing, and rawness that is refreshing and entertaining. There is nothing political about it. The Jewish community lived and lives in a world of its own. They fight among each other. They gossip endlessly. And they are always conscious of the fact that as Jews they are on the outside looking in on a society of goy (gentiles) who are uptight and set in their strange ways. They flourish in a city that accepts them for what they are and what they produce. They are a migrant mix of eastern European and new generations of Jewish Americans living the American dream. In one episode the wives were talking about their husbands wanting to die in Israel. “Why would anyone want to be buried in the desert?” To Joel’s father who was the biggest pain in the ass, Midge’s mother asked: “I hear you want to be buried in Israel. So when is that going to happen?” Nobody writes like that anymore.

The Wonderful Mrs. Maisel is void of gun violence or digitally enhanced anything. It is a story about an America that with all its post war trauma was much simpler. Less hung up on itself. Less hung up on individual needs. More together. More familiar. More lovable. Gentler and with more absorbed diversity than the irritating diverse activism of today. Nobody had to tell them to like each other. Most of them didn’t. But they were still united in a perception that hard work and hope can give you a better life in America. Midge Maisel is my heroine; elegance wrapped in tenacity and hutzpah!

Judgment: the American way

The recent casualty to media scrutiny and “reporting” is the outspoken, bold, brash, and often irreverent Bill O’Reilly. Love him or despise him; Bill set cable opinion shows on fire 20 years ago and has been on top of all cable news channels ever since. Unapologetic and always “looking out” for the folks; Bill did not take prisoners on his show. From presidents to pundits; they all got the same treatment. His “Killing” books soared to the top Best Seller list within weeks. He went against any media that “spun” or not reported accurately; at least to his standards. He was loved by the tenuous conservatives (although he maintained adamantly that he was an Independent), and despised by the liberal media. He scorned outlets like the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, and other reporting news channels he found disingenuous and not “looking out” for the ordinary man in the street. He cherished his middle-class upbringing in Levittown Long Island, and was proud of his tough Irish heritage.

Bill O’Reilly took Fox News on the ride of a life time. His ratings could not be beat; but he always berated the fact that he was up against “smear merchants” who wanted to bring him down. That moment came this week when Fox News decided to make him another casualty of sexual harassment claims as uncovered by his nemesis; the New York Times.  Of course, like any sex story, it was long on “settlements” and short on any substance because nothing was or has been substantiated. Through the years, Fox News has settled out of court “claims” against Mr. O’Reilly that the media never cared about or even gave a second glance to. So what changed? Why now?

As a woman, I have a big problem with settlements. I have a problem with anyone getting money rather than justice. I know that if some scumbag harassed me, I would make it my mission in life to take him to court and expose him for the scumbag that he was. As soon as money crosses the negotiation table; the claim “waters down” into a deal where money beats virtue. This generation of women throws about “harassment” like confetti on the 4th of July. What is harassment? The Webster’s Dictionary (10th Edition) describes it as “to annoy persistently”. I expect an adult, man or woman, that if annoyed persistently, can tell the annoyer to “knock it off” permanently.  Unless the perpetrator attempted assault or bodily harm, I find it ludicrous for anyone in the corporate world not mature enough to disallow annoyance. If a supposedly competent business woman cannot handle a coworker and his inane advances, than she is too weak to handle the corporate world, and should find another line of work. The female double standards have reached moronic proportions. Thousands protest inequality but find it hard to tell a guy to stop being a jerk.  

The first Fox “woman” who boarded the harassment train was Gretchen Carlson. She accused Roger Ailes of sexual harassment and hostility in the work place. She settled out of court. Roger Ailes was thrown out unceremoniously.  In a February edition of Good Housekeeping, Ms. Carlson was bemoaning the fact that some corporations make employees sign an arbitration agreement which would prohibit the employee from suing. She also said that prospective employees want the job so bad that they overlook these agreements and opt to sign. Without excusing a thug who goes out of his way to assault women in the workplace; nobody puts a gun to anyone’s head to sign an agreement. Whether the agreement is beneficial or not, if it is a condition of employment, the applicant is free to refuse and refuse the job. Putting this aside, if Mr. Ailes assaulted Ms. Carlson he deserved to be prosecuted. Her settlement actually set him free and he “got away with it”. This is the problem that women like Ms. Carlson create when they settle. She herself said that these cases are a matter of “he said she said”. However, in today’s world it makes no difference as to what “he said” because the woman’s “she said” is taken as gospel truth before any investigation is conducted or stories substantiated. She automatically becomes the victim and the man the villain. Frankly, if I were a man I would not communicate with any female colleague without a witness. It is called deterrence.  However, I do not see any men protesting judgmental inequality in our streets.  

When the Bill O’Reilly “story” broke out, his ratings still soared. They kept on soaring despite sponsors backing out. Sponsors have also become subject and hostage to judgmental activism. Remember Nordstrom and Ivanka Trump? Sponsors want to seem sympathetic to the current “war against women” narrative. They are willing to lose viewership in lieu of perception. In this case, even when they pulled out, The Factor was still pulling in more viewers than any of the cable competitors and major networks combined; so why let him go? Why cut lose the goose that lays the golden eggs? Rumor has it that Rupert Murdoch’s children are not as conservative as their father. It is also rumored that the daughter-in-law was the push behind the “beheadings” of Ailes and O’Reilly. Who knows? One thing is for sure; Fox News has just shot themselves in the proverbial ratings foot. Who is the next victim? If I were at Fox News I would not be resting easy any longer. The tide is shifting with a new generation of Murdochs who are more snowflake than “old school”. If Bill O’Reilly got the boot, then everyone must admit to being “open season” to Murdochs whims. 

The question still remains: did Bill O’Reilly sexually harass women? Frankly and personally: I doubt it seriously. He does not drink, smoke, or even attend celebrity public functions. He wears his anti-social mantra as a badge of honor on his sleeve. Is he boorish and rude? Yes. In a bizarre way, that was his attraction. He was real. Did he offend a female colleague with some off-hand remark? Probably. Did he do it maliciously? Again, I doubt it. I shall miss Bill O’Reilly. I did not agree with everything he said, but I admired his tenacity. Most of all I admired his sense of “giving”. He gave from the heart because he always claimed that he felt lucky and blessed that his success allowed him to be charitable.  He did more for charities than any other public figure I know. Because of him and his sense of good, the following organizations receive all proceeds from his books and his show’s store: Independence Fund, Fisher House, Doctors without Borders, Tuesday’s Children, Troops Direct, NYC Coalition for the Homeless, Haitian Health Foundation, Best Friends Foundation, Responsibility, Operation Shoebox, It Happened to Alexa Foundation, City Harvest, Families of Military Casualties, Elevate Hope Foundation, Autism Speaks, S.T.A.R. Children Relief Organization, Court Appointed Advocates for Children, Cohn’s & Colitis Foundation of America, David lynch Foundation, Fuller Center for Housing, Interfaith Nutrition Network, New York Child Learning Institute, Sesame Workshop, and Several Sources Shelters. Phew! Not bad for a boorish man. I would like to match his generosity with anyone from the New York Times, MSNBC, CNN, or other self-centered pseudo social minded media pinhead. How about the New York Times reporting on how these charities may not fare as well now that Bill is gone? Maybe the Murdochs at Fox would like to supplement Bill’s portion with their fortunes?

Real sexual harassment is dilapidating and hurtful. It takes one’s self esteem and crushes it. It should be stopped at all costs. Perpetrators need to be brought to justice and made to pay. Juries and court cases do that. Trumped up claims are harmful because they minimize the damage real sexual assault and intimidation does to a woman. Investigate: yes. Pre-judge and condemn: never. Our system of justice works on the fundamental and moral premise that one is innocent until proven guilty. Men are now vulnerable to public judgment and opinion by virtue of gender rather than proof of wrong doing.  As soon as a  woman accuses a man; he immediately becomes a cad. No evidence, no proof, no substance is required; her word against his. She gets the money and he gets the bad reputation and often: the boot. Whether Bill O’Reilly is a sexual predator and a cad is up for debate. If he really is all those things, then I for one am very disappointed;  he and Fox News should be held accountable in a court of law and made to pay hefty. If however, he is being “lynched” for his political views and success; shame on Fox News for allowing it. Will there ever be a real investigation? I doubt it. His powerful demise was executed with precision. This has been in the offing for a long time and the objective was achieved. This time “the spin” really stopped here; sadly enough there is no one left to look out for us.

Who is behind the boycotts and why?

There is a systematic plan afoott to destabilize the country through economic boycotts and hijacking of schools and universities under the nebulous intent of: justice. False narrative is prevalent, because for the past twenty years we have been caught up in a vicious circle of pseudo “education” babble that promotes political activism among our youth; rather than truth and knowledge. Social media and technology has unleashed a quagmire of warped “news” that our youth feed on. It does not stop there. The proliferation of labeling like racism, xenophobia, sexism, and every other “ism” we can come up with has stifled free speech in schools and universities across the country. Politicians have crossed the line into activism and disingenuously led us to believe that unless we agree with their ideology we are an “ism” of some sort or other; and not fit to exist on the same planet. Hence the current blatant hatred toward this president, his family, and those who voted for him. Freedom of opinion is protected by the very virtue of being American; but that does not cover a covert and systematic plan by several organizations to include political parties to incite discrimination and bias against a segment of the population and businesses. This is called “forcible suppression of opposition,”: commonly known as “fascism.” Who are the culprits? In a fact finding expedition through the wide world of web, three entities stood out as insidiously inciting boycotts, and decisively targeting businesses they presume are connected to the First Family. They are so bent on destroying the president, his family, and this government, that they do not care who they run over in the process. This is my “A” list of exposed “fascists” in activist clothing.

First on my “A” list is the FaceBook page:@boycottdonaldtrump which goes beyond the decent or political. If it was humorous ala SNL satire I might have even found it amusing; but its vulgarity and viciousness hit an old-time low. The blatant hatred is so deep that I felt like taking a cold shower just to cleanse myself.  The combination of childish euphemisms combined with vile intolerance gave this page and those contributing to it a grotesque “B” movie ambiance. Hatred is propagandized and twisted in a distorted effort at justice, freedom, and tolerance. My father was right: one can’t help being stupid but ignorance is self inflicted. This page is the poster child for ignorance. Under a Facts and Plan link is a list of businesses owned by the president’s brand or his family. What these pinheads fail to understand is that these businesses employ thousands of Americans eager to make a decent wage and living to raise their families. How just is that? Don’t Americans deserve to go to work without fear that they may lose their jobs because somebody hates their employer? Can you imagine if a website had targeted our former president and his family? Can you imagine the uproar? It would have been justified because no one has the right to ruin a person’s life no matter who they are; and no American should be targeted because of ideology or political affiliation. But I digress.

Second on my “A” list is the Democratic Coalition Against Trump. This website comes with the wonderful image of a red fist reminiscent of fascist Italy.  Charming. Remember, the “fascist” label given to the president and his supporters by these tolerant folk? The ones who bleed for the downtrodden? This website is more insidious than the first because the DCAT is a partisan artery that feeds directly to the Democratic Party. The party that seems to have been hijacked by far left loons. This is not the JFK or FDR party any longer. Democrats have allowed their party to be dragged downstream through the pond scum of hateful rhetoric that hurts America and Americans. It is easy to decipher how the party has gone south. The DCAT are not nice people. They intimidate. They do not even attempt to hide the fact that their prime directive is to destroy legitimate businesses presumably connected to the president’s family brand. Businesses that by the way employ their constituents.  It is like giving the “birdie” to their voters. And yet they call themselves democratic. An oxymoron. Reminds me of East Germany during the Cold War; calling itself the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. Of course just like our friends in DCAT, they too were bent on refuting anyone’s opinion, ideas, speech, and vote; except their own. How did that work out? The website calls out the president and his “allies” for “hateful rhetoric and regressive policies.” Really? This is fascism disguised as a boycott; “Search through over 250 companies and people to see how they’re directly connected to Trump. Make Trump and his allies pay, literally, for their hateful rhetoric and regressive policies. Use consumer action to take a stand for what’s right!” Translation: they are willing to put 250 companies and their employees out of business because they hate “hateful rhetoric and regressive policies.” Almost laughable; but not to those employed by these businesses. Who do you think works in those companies DCAT? These are the people you vowed to protect in your constituencies. They are Americans like you and I. Yet you find obliterating businesses okay because you do not like the guy? And he has “hateful rhetoric”? He is regressing politics? Are you kidding us? What rock do you live under? You remain nameless while willing to attack companies like Nike, Johnson & Johnson, Gucci, and MillerCoors.  Now that is deplorable. But everything is fair when it comes to your side of ideology.

Third on my “A” list is the kooky #Grabyourwallet. These morons have lists of companies and businesses they are intimidating into refusing to do business with the president and his family.  Grabyourwallet has listed businesses like Amazon because they have “affiliations” with the president’s brand. Really! Probably my Laundromat has affiliations with the president’s brand. Have you heard about a global financial economy #grabyourwallet? Every major business  and company in the world is in some way or other affiliated with a dominant brand through the economic process. The irony: this particular “boycott” closely resembles the Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses in 1933. Subsequent events resulted in boycotting hiring of Jewish professionals like university professors and educators.  Sounds familiar? Currently our universities hire liberal versus conservative or mainstream professors on an approximate ratio of ten to one. According to American Thinker (Study: Liberal-to-Conservative faculty ratio in academia will blow your mind. Pete Vanderzwet, February 11, 2017); “So dominant is leftist ideology that in university departments in nearly all states, an average ratio of 10:1 exists among faculty who identify as liberal versus conservative. When exploring the makeup of Ivy League institutions and universities in New England, results, such as the case with Brown’s University, were as high as 60:1 in favor of registered Democrats among professors.”  It would be great if the educators had enough ethics to keep their bias to themselves, but, the study also mentioned open hostility toward conservative faculty and students that inadvertently stifled diversity and critical thinking. Those with opposing views to the “majority” are faced with discrimination in grading and often have to hide their political views in fear of retaliation and in some cases: personal safety.  Remember the Berkley riots? I rest my case. The perpetrators? The tolerable; the pseudo “freedom” fighters that crush any diverse ideology but their own; resorting to blackmail and extortion of honest businesses because they feel cheated of an election. How third world! How banana republic! How pathetic!

Boycotts are nothing new and historically they do not work because consumers will eventually buy the brand they want and most of these large businesses will recover. But who is pulling the strings on these movements and why? Theories abound, but the current obsession with destroying an administration is real; and dangerous. When doing my research I was not prepared to find a political party advocating boycotting businesses and harming constituents. That is beyond politics. That is direct intimidation by a political party with voting powers in Congress and Senate targeting businesses toward economic hardship. That is beyond unethical; it is beyond wrong; it is evil. These individuals are using their political power and money to fund anti-government movements in an attempt to destabilize the country and the presidency. That is almost treason. Over the top analysis? I don’t think so. Call it conspiracy theory if you will; but all revolutions were incited by the few who had the money and the means to tell the many that they should blame their miserable lives on someone else. The French, the Russian, and the Cuban revolutions toppled governments but none fared too well because when the dust settled, the people figured that maybe they did not have it too bad after all. Ask the Iranians! I am not condoning dictatorships, and I am not singling out those with a liberal point of view; but I am pointing the finger at those who are inciting Americans to hate and hurt other Americans in the name of justice. Every American should be against it. I also believe that we have the right to criticize our government and our president, but we do not have the right to harm their personal lives and that of their families. They are protected by the same freedoms that protect us. Right now, those who do not share the same ideology or are as loud as the loony left are intimidated and bullied out of free speech and freedom of choice at the voting booth. That is not only un-American it is anarchy. These are tactics that the KKK were famous for: intimidation and destruction. They too were adamant about their cause. Is @boycottdonaldtrump, DCAT, or #grabyourwallet any better? As Americans we have the right to criticize and exercise our  freedom of speech; but we must also allow other Americans to enjoy the same privileges without fear of intimidation and bullying. You do not have to love your president, but you should love your country enough not to destroy it.